Panchakarma Day Six


"It is quite possible that India is the real world, and that the white man lives in a madhouse of abstractions...Life in India has not yet withdrawn into the capsule of the head. It is still the whole body that lives. No wonder the European feels dreamlike; the complete life of India is something of which he merely dreams. When you walk naked feet, how can you ever forget the earth?"

~ Carl Jung

Virechana ~ Purgation Therapy ~ process when toxins are eliminated through purgation. Unlike an enema and colon cleansing, virechana cleanses the entire digestive tract and intestine. This treatment is highly recommended for Pitta related conditions. Virechana is mainly aimed at restoring and improving functions of the liver and digestional tract. It helps in addressing skin diseases, gastritis, anti-aging, and all manner of digestive disorders.

Whew! So I made it through a course of Virechana today, which will round out my Panchkarma cleanse. I arrived at the clinic around 8:30am and didn't leave until about 6pm. After Abhyanga, and Swedana, I then consumed the herbs that make up the Virechana therapy. Let me just say, I definitely got cleansed...Like you wouldn't believe. Seriously. It was something else. I'll spare everyone the details...

For the next several days I'll be eating pretty simply as I slowly start adding more variety of foods into my diet.

Before leaving the clinic I consulted with Dr. Kumar and we went over proper foods for my constitution, and some of my concerns with digestion. He left me with quite a bit to go on moving forward, and I'm extremely thankful for his expertise and insight. Nice to have an open dialogue.

As my Panchakarma comes to a close I couldn't be happier with the results thus far. I told Dr. Kumar that I'm feeling more like myself, and he nodded in agreement as if saying...yup, that's what it's all about.


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