Dwelling inwardly for extended periods, we come to know something of the poverty of always looking outside ourselves for happiness, understanding, and wisdom. It's not that God, the environment, and other people cannot help us to be happy or to find satisfaction. It's just that our happiness, satisfaction, and our understanding, even of God, will be no deeper than our capacity to know ourselves inwardly, to encounter the outer world from the deep comfort that comes from being at home in one's own skin from an intimate familiarity with the ways of one's own mind and body.

excerpt from Wherever You Go There You Are, by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Practice this morning felt good...however, I must say that I felt as if my energy was scattered. I didn't have that one-pointed focus today. But, I dealt with it, and all was not lost. Some days the energy just feels that way for whatever reason...just gotta keep plugging away. Oh yeah...as for laghu vajrasana...I popped up as if it was nothing today. Yesterday must've been some type of fluke...who knows, who cares...some days we have it, some days we don't, just gotta keep moving forward...

I picked up a primary series class on Tuesday mornings...Its a great group of woman who are able to fit in a class after they drop their kids off at school...A very gracious, hardworking group. They seem to appreciate that I'm focused on taking them through the practice with integrity, doing my best to keep in line with what I gathered in Mysore. Sometimes, that can be a challenge if one is used to doing things a certain way before. Its all good...its all in the delivery. ;)

I had one student asked me how often I practiced a week. When I told her...her eyes got a bit wide. But, then we got into a discussion about the beauty of showing up regularly to something, making a honest, heartfelt commitment. I explained that it doesn't really matter what it is...and it may not be yoga for many...but something happens when we simply show up and become one with whatever we have committed ourselves to...it was an interesting topic. I would never push a 6 day a week practice down a student's throat...no matter how beneficial it may be for them...but, I can only speak for myself. And, my daily practice has been my rock, my anchor in a life that is filled with ups and downs, highs and lows. We all need our sanctuary, and its different for everybody...

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