Defenseless & Complete


Give up to grace,

The ocean takes care of each wave

Till it gets to shore.

You need more help than you know.


What is true power? One of my favorite books, Power vs. Force, by Dr. David Hawkins, delves into the topic extensively. Its a fascinating read. I highly recommend it.

Going along the premise of the book, something I heard in the last several days resonated with me... When owning one's power there is an element of being defenseless...but in the same breath, feeling totally complete. Being defenseless doesn't mean you just let people roll over you. However, because you feel so complete and connected to who you are, there is no need to defend yourself or identify with things that have nothing to do with the one's essence. That's true power my friends! It reminds me of Gandhi's plight. Because of his complete alignment, and trust of his own power, and universal truth, he was able to change a nation on the foundation of nonviolence. Now that's true power. It takes a massive amount of trust and inner strength to adopt this way of living. Its simple, yet challenging. This is something I've been chewing on the last several days.

I logged onto the Ekhart Tolle webcast yesterday...and I'm starting to read A New Earth for the third time. There is just so much to soak in...Anyway, one of the topics discussed was tuning into the meaning of enlightened living. And, in his interpretation...which goes along with being defenseless and practicing non-resistance, detachment, and non-judgment. Again, simple concepts, but challenging to implement. I guess that's why he calls it practice.

Speaking of practice...I had a bit of a shock when my alarm clock went off this morning. However, I was able to get my mind out of the mix, and get moving, getting an early start. I've been plugging away at 3rd Series. Ha! I actually got a little hang-time in Eka pada bakasana today. Its been coming along better than expected...just gotta remember to keep having fun with the process...

Hope everyone has a wonderful Earth Day. I plan on celebrating by spending some quality time outside. xoxox.

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