Four Minutes


Ok...Madonna is gonna be 50 this year. She looks amazing. I just gotta give her props. Whether you like her or not she is a master at reinventing herself, and its very inspiring.

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Yoga Chickie said...

Eh...I used to be a huge fan. And then I used to be a non-fan who appreciated her reinvention. Now, I find myself kind of turned off by what I perceive to be redundancy...the lace-up boots keep appearing over and over, the hookups with the latest pop music icons (Britney, Justin), the yoga moves in the videos. Also, turned off by the facial restructuring and the excessively bony and sinewed up arms. Yech.

Sorry...I am glad you still get pleasure out of her though!

peaceloveyoga said...

hahahahaha! I hear ya. You may be definitely make a compelling argument. I'm gonna have to digest this one... :)


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