The idea that the soul will join with the ecstatic just because the body is rotten-- that is all fantasy. What is found now is found then.


I've added more sleep into my routine, and somehow its made me feel groggier...moodier. So, dunno, maybe I function better on less. Trying to work it out.

Also, its strange, lately my body has been screaming at me with its cravings for protein, protein, protein!!! No, I haven't succumbed to eating meat. But I've been getting most of my calories from vegetarian protein. Its done me well. And, the highest percentage of protein comes from vegetarian sources anyway...but don't get me started on that...that's for another day. ;)

As I grow into the subtle aspects of the practice I'm noticing shifts in my body more and more...almost as if I am able to maneuver with greater awareness and intelligence. It really becoming interesting to observe...and, also how the mind plays a big role in it all. Its so true when you hear that the process is never ending...there is always somewhere deeper to things to discover. And, even though there is a repetitive nature to the practice in the Ashtanga Yoga system...How could anyone get bored? There is always some new aspect or attitude you can bring onto the mat on any given day. I love it. Its kind of like my place to experiment with energy.

I sound like a yoga geek don't I...ha! Excuse me...

Today we celebrated Lina's birthday. Above are the group of ladies I practice with at 5:30 am every morning, Monday thru Friday. Lina is the 2nd one from the left. I know I've said it once...and I'm sure I'll say it again...I feel blessed to be part of this group of fascinating women who are in love with the practice as much as I am...I guess you'd have to be to get up that early!! Ha! Anyway, I just feel thankful. Happy Birthday Lina!!

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Tracy said...

what extraordianryily (is that really a word??!!)beautiful group of women you all are! I am touched when I see such beauty~~~
Love to you my friend~


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