Svatantra~ "free, independent, self-reliant."

Last night, met with the meditation group. Its a beautiful gathering of people who are opening, experiencing, and gracious enough to share their insight. We usually start with a theme...then meditate anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour...then, we share any insight that bubbles up with each of us if willing. Its an interesting way of group meditation. The woman who facilitates the space says that verbalizing our experience, or opening, allows for an unfolding and manifestation to begin with a new insight or way of being. When putting it out to the world, somehow it makes it more real. Our facilitator is a graceful woman who has strong intuitive gifts and I feel blessed and thankful to know her.

When it comes to practice this week, every morning, I've had this conversation with myself regarding wanting to stay in bed. I almost did. But, I went ahead and met my group for practice. Not sure why this bit of lethargy has come on. However, I really enjoyed my visit to the mat today. My back felt better...

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