Yoga Props


Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there.


Last Thursday, I was invited to a yoga and fitness supply company headquarters in Tainon, Taiwan. I met the president a while back, and he told me I must come and tour his factory sometime. We exchanged information, however I never expected any follow through.

I've come to the conclusion that to run any type of business, or at least to the magnitude of this gentleman, you must have a tireless enthusiasm and passion. No doubt. Yes. I believe that's needed beyond anything else...even intelligence...for if you have an unlimited source of energy, you can convince just about anyone to come aboard and join you, if you're lacking in any one area.

The list of clients ranged from Target, T.J. Maxx, and Wal-Mart, to Danskin, Ativa, and QVC. To name a few.

I was shown a whole array of yoga props and baubles. He sincerely asked and valued my opinion. At first, I felt a bit uncomfortable, because every item displayed he'd beam and smile as if it were dipped in gold. I dunno...I didn't want to burst his bubble. Not that I could. But, I felt like I would be naming his baby ugly if I didn't like something. Ya know? Anyway. I was pretty tactful at first, and then I thought I'd be doing him a disservice if I wasn't honest.

I gave a Hell No on a view things...he respected it.

The funny thing is, the more I do yoga the less yoga stuff I feel I need. Of course, with Ashtanga props are out. But, if I could get away with doing yoga without a mat, I'd be cool. However, that wouldn't feel so good on the body. I prefer no mysore rug too, unless there's an avalanche of sweat falling from my body and it can't be helped.

It's interesting how material yoga is becoming. It's a big business.

I was shown one item that looked more like some weird massage device. The Pres. wanted me to come up with a name for it. I was a bit taken a back. I want me to come up with a name? Yes!...he told me...but it must have yoga in the name, I can charge more money.

Oh my. I was at a loss for words.

After viewing all the samples, he continued with the then, low and behold, somewhere in the depths of his office he had a studio for producing fitness DvDs. Wow. I didn't see that one coming. He looked at me...yes, you come sometime, make video. Then, I quickly pitched him my idea of doing a yoga, pilates, tai-chi hybrid workout video. Hahahahaha. Just kidding! Puh-lease!!

At any rate. It was a good time. I appreciated the invite...and if anything, I've made a new friend and contact.

You can never have too many of those.

A Ray of Light


Above is a photo of Indian school children holding candle light vigil in honor of the victims of the Mumbai attacks taken from There is nothing like a group of children that can put it all into perspective.

It lends hope in times of turmoil.

No one was more surprised than me to have tangled myself into a love affair with India after my first trip. It got under my skin and into my blood in a way that is unexplainable. Naturally, as with many, it saddens me to see what has taken place...however, thankful that it is over.

In light, I will still go. To a country that calls my name and keeps me coming back for more.

Kahil Gibran on Love


When love beckons to you, follow him,
Though his ways are hard and steep.
And when his wings enfold you yield to him,
Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you.
And when he speaks to you believe in him,
Though his voice may shatter your dreams
as the north wind lays waste the garden.

For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning.
Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the sun,
So shall he descend to your roots and shake them in their clinging to the earth.

Like sheaves of corn he gathers you unto himself.
He threshes you to make you naked.
He sifts you to free you from your husks.
He grinds you to whiteness.
He kneads you until you are pliant;
And then he assigns you to his sacred fire, that you may become sacred bread for God's sacred feast.

All these things shall love do unto you that you may know the secrets of your heart, and in that knowledge become a fragment of Life's heart.

But if in your fear you would seek only love's peace and love's pleasure,
Then it is better for you that you cover your nakedness and pass out of love's threshing-floor,
Into the seasonless world where you shall laugh, but not all of your laughter, and weep, but not all of your tears.
Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself.
Love possesses not nor would it be possessed;
For love is sufficient unto love.

When you love you should not say, "God is in my heart," but rather, "I am in the heart of God."
And think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course.

Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself.
But if you love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires:
To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night.
To know the pain of too much tenderness.
To be wounded by your own understanding of love;
And to bleed willingly and joyfully.
To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving;
To rest at the noon hour and meditate love's ecstasy;
To return home at eventide with gratitude;
And then to sleep with a prayer for the beloved in your heart and a song of praise upon your lips.

Kahlil Gibran

Karma Kitchen

Wow. What a concept.

Deepak Chopra Talks on Mumbai Attacks

Happy Thanksgiving


There is a life-force with in your soul, seek that life.

There is a gem in the mountain of your body, seek that mine.
O traveler, if you are in search of That

Don't look outside, look inside yourself and seek That.

~ Rumi

Through the highs and the lows there is always something to be thankful for.

Wishing everyone a blessed day.

Opening the Mind

The highest form of human intelligence is to observe yourself without judgment.

~ J. Krishnamurti

Steps To Opening the Mind

1. Know that you are going to identify with your worldview at every stage of personal growth.

2. Accept that these identifications are temporary. You will never be truly yourself until you reach unity.

3. Be willing to change your identity every day. Take a flexible attitude. Don't defend an "I" that you know is just temporary.

4. Allow your ability to quietly observe without judgment to replace the ingrained ideas you reach for automatically.

5. When you have the impulse to struggle, use that as an immediate signal to let go. Open a space for a new answer to unfold on its own.

6. When you can't let go, forgive yourself and move on.

7. Use every opportunity to tell yourself that all viewpoints are valid, every experience valuable, every insight a moment of freedom.

~ extracted from Life After Death: A Burden of Proof, by Deepak Chopra

A Day at the Spa


With the Beloved's water of life, no illness remains

In the Beloved's rose garden of union, no thorn remains.

They say there is a window from one heart to another

How can there be a window where no wall remains?

~ Rumi

I am racking up a list of my favorite things about Taiwan, and one of them are the spas, sometimes coined as baths. I've had the pleasant opportunity to try out various different kinds, and let me just say, they're best thing ever. Popular in Asia, the bath or spa experience is one of ultimate pampering and relaxation. I love it. When done, I feel about as fresh and pristine as a shiny new penny.

In Chiayi, I was taken to a hot spring spa up in the mountains. Here the water was routed into various pools. Soaking in a mineral fortified bath is undoubtedly healthy for body, mind and spirit. They also had mud you could put all over yourself to help in drawing out toxins and impurities. When one pool gets too hot for comfort, you then hop into a cold pool. Invigorating. There really is something to going from hot to cold, hot to cold. It's great for the nervous system, and highly stimulating in a relaxing sort a way.

When in Taichung, I was treated to a totally different type of spa experience located in a high-rise building. Here we started in the sauna, then went to steam. After baking for a while there was a pool that was so cold little flakes of ice were forming. You talk about a shock to the system! It was all I could do to stay in for several minutes. The bath was so utterly frigid it turned my feet white. Crazy. Then from the cold, it's into the hot spa.. to then, start the whole process all over again. nice.

While in Kaoshung I've been to the best one yet. It had the whole gamut. The best way I could describe it is that it's very close to being a water park for adults. There are a whole slew of stations, in a large pool with various canals, that by a push of a button send powerful jets of water to massage various parts of the body. My personal favorite is the waterfall that hits the shoulders just right. Also, there is a whole collection of different hot spas with essences of sandalwood, rose, and eucalyptus. Can't say enough about how great those are...and, to top it off, there is a steam room and sauna. Wednesdays are our designated spa day now. I come walking out of there feeling like a million bucks.

Now I know what's been missing all this time that completes my health maintenance regimen. A day at the spa...aaahhhhhh.

City Tour


Until you've found pain, you won't reach the cure
Until you've given up life, you won't unite with the supreme soul

Until you've found fire inside yourself, like the Friend,

You won't reach the spring of life, like Khezr.

~ Rumi

I'm really having a good time with the group down by Kaoshung. Monday is my only day off, so I was taken on a preliminary tour of the city. Knowing that my free day is Monday, other students are already bartering for my time in the future by planning various activities. It's funny. They simply want to share a part of their culture with can I resist?

We went to the Tunex tower for lunch. The 13th tallest skyscraper in the world. I was treated to a 5 star, japanese grill lunch. The food was phenomenal. I thought restuarants were only rated up to 4 stars...dunno if the translation was off. Anyway, I was told it was 5...don't matter to me. Gimme 1 star, gimme 20...I haven't eaten at a bad place in Taiwan. It's all good.

The restaurant was on the 36th floor of this massive 86 story building. We had an expansive view of the city. What fun!

Afterward, I was taken to a colossol shopping center named the Dream Mall. A bit overwhelming to say the least. Quickly I was on sensory overload simply walking through the place. It was too much. Lol.

As much as I enjoy a nice outing such as this one, it left me exhausted. I turned in pretty early and called it a day. Hahaha...and the sad thing is, turning in early is like 6:30-7:00pm. No worries. I'm thoroughly enjoying myself.

Life After Death


When I was born and saw the light
I was no stranger in this world
Something inscrutable, shapeless, and without words
appeared in the form of my mother.

So when I die, the same unknown will appear again
As ever known to me,
And because I love this life
I will love death as well.

~ Tagore

Currently reading. Very interesting.

Been a while since I've read a Deepak Chopra book.

Where to Look


The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing how
blind that was.
Lovers don't finally meet somewhere, they're in each other all along.

~ Rumi

I find myself in an interesting place. I've stepped into a rhythm which may appear uneventful on an external level. However, the simplicity of the experience has made life all the more rich.

In many regards I'm on my own. Yes. I'm alone. Nonetheless, I'm not sure when or how, but a light has begun to burn bright. After, a long internal battle, something has ceased. However, I won't hold on to this moment. For, life has taught me just how fast change moves in, and is the only constant. But dare I say, maybe I've come to a place of deeper peace on a certain level? Dunno. I see it for what it is, and continue to simply live.

Practice in the early morning. Just me, my mind, and body. Breathing in existence, breathing out all that is holding me back. A simple rhythm. Conscious breath and a flow of postures. Through the body I experience this moment, and all that it is...a vast space of infinite potential and possibility.

Through all the seeking. Why not just be? What lies right before me is of utmost importance. Nothing else matters but that. Wholeness is the reality. There is no place to come's all right here.

With that being know, it's much easier to laugh. A lightness of being enters in. Through clarity, nothing needs to be held on to so tightly. Beliefs, ideals, labels, seem insignificant and small compared to the larger scope.

Does my opinion really matter all that much? No. But, what I feel deep down inside speaks volumes. This is where I will look.



After several days, I'm feeling settled. Moved further south near Kaoshung. An older couple who own the yoga studio where I'm teaching are hosting me. Lovely people. I live on the third floor of their home...houses are built more up than out here. There are five floors. Pretty cool.

Started teaching on Tuesday. Most are novices, however there is a hunger to learn and an eager enthusiasm. It's great. What more could I ask for? The Taiwanese are tireless and hardworking, and it definitely translates over into their practice. I appreciate the dynamic they bring. It keeps me on my toes.

We've also shared a few laughs. I was helping one student into Supta K, while the woman next to her watched intently...I looked at her and said, you're next...she politely waved and made a face as if to, I won't be doing that. I smiled and laughed...told her not to worry...piece of cake...she was in, in no time flat. I guess it helps not to take it all too seriously, while in the same breath, taking practitioners to their easing of tension, while still pushing the envelope...bringing one into a place beyond the mind of what I can and can't do.

Slumdog Millionaire




We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time.

~ T.S. Elliot

About a week ago, a front passed through Taiwan bringing in a few days of rain...a damp, coolness descended. Before, it was utterly hot, almost stifling. When the rains passed, it seemed to have taken the humidity along with it, for the past several days have been absolutely stunning. Clear, illuminating a sky so blue, I find myself simply starring upward. The views of the surrounding mountains have come alive, and I stop, breathing in a sight, that brings me, softly into the present moment.

During these days I've taken long walks by myself. Allowing my mind to clear with each step, while feeling connected to the beauty all around.

Naturally, thoughts arise. I smile to myself thinking of a dear friend or an amusing experience. I ponder my life, and the roles that I've played. I'm beginning to see how much of my pain or hell has been of my own making. Oh, how we wrap ourselves around a story, a label, an ideal, as if it is part of who we are. No. It's not. For life teaches us just how impermanent it all really is.

I pass other hikers, and smile...and I think, even though I don't know the language all that well...oh, how a smile is universal, and melts all barriers.

A simple smile.

This aloneness is worth more than a thousand lives.
This freedom is worth more than all the lands on earth.
To be one with the truth for just a moment,

Is worth more than the world and life itself.

~ Rumi

It's amazing the length of time it takes to step inside and see what it is I truly desire. I've found how easy it is to unconsciously except a life that really isn't my own.

When I think about those who have changed the course of history. It was those who stepped outside the box, and sat on the edge of the mainstream...paving the way of a new reality.

Through observation I been able to see where the struggle is. I've never been one to follow in line with convention. However, there are times when I don't trust myself, my feelings, and often my salvation lies in gaining acceptance from others.

There are days I feel expansive. So ready to pave a new way, to set a new course. To then, fear not knowing where it will all lead.

There never seems to be complete satisfaction in falling in line.

I want to color outside the lines. Every time I have, I haven't regretted it for one single moment.

More on Proposition 8

Let love lead it's own fate...what a great thing to say. Who are we to judge? That is never for us to decide. It's about's about love at the end of the day. LOVE.


Hello Kitty


I don't get it. I can't seem to get away from it. It's everywhere. Seriously. Hello kitty! Hello kitty! Hello kitty! I can't say I'm a fan. But, it seems to be some type of phenomenon.



I find I'm so excited, I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it's the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain.

~ Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding, The Shawshank Redemption



Equality is not in regarding different things similarly, equality is in regarding different things differently.

~ Tom Robbins

I'm at a crossroads.

What does that mean exactly? Not entirely sure.

I could turn right, I could turn left...I could keep going straight ahead, unquestioning. Or, I could turn around and go back from whence I came.

I struggle.

I guess somewhere deep inside, it's almost as if I just wanna be saved. Ultimately, I know that isn't gonna happen. I've learned from the wise that you must give what you so desperately seek.

Some have told me that I'm brave. I must be the first to say no, this isn't so. Inside, I'm still a scared little girl who is uncertain.

How much is destiny, how much of this life is the manifestation of our own making? You know, I'm not entirely sure. Sometimes I wonder how much control I really do have.

The highest function of love is that it makes the loved one a unique and irreplaceable being.

~ Tom Robbins

Proposition 8

I believe nothing, everything is sacred. I believe in everything, nothing is sacred.

~ Tom Robbins

I'd like to go on the record in regards to Proposition 8.

Obviously, I've been very pleased with the outcome of the U.S. presidential election. However, being one who has many gay friends and acquaintances it troubles me that we still don't believe in equal rights and privileges for all.

It may only take time. It may be unpopular with the majority...but I don't care. If two men or two women want to make their union legal what's the big deal? We're talking about a legal union. Religious unions and ceremonies can be left for the churches, synagogues, and centers to decide. That is why we supposedly have a separation of church and state.

I remember having an honest discussion with one of my friends, who happens to be gay, a while back, and he told me that he would never wish being gay on anyone. However, he knew at a very young age that he was different, and the pain of suppressing his feelings carried more weight than trying to fit into a mold that wasn't true.

Really, at the end of the day, who are we to judge?

I don't care how you slice it, or dice it, people are born this way. Why deny a group of people the chance to celebrate love, union and commitment if they so choose?

Simply put, there are many shades of gray. Yeah, we may feel comfortable with making every issue black and white...but the world doesn't work that way.

Never has, never will.

A New Birth of Freedom


Focusing your life on solely making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. It asks to little of yourself. Because it is only when you hitch your wagon to something lager than yourself that you realize your true potential.

~ President-elect, Barack Obama

Transcendent. Transformational. Unified.

What could I possibly say in regards to the 2008 Presidential Election?

History in the making. Yes. Anything is possible. Hope won. Hope won over fear. The scope to which the world was watching was staggering. The scope to which the aliveness and enthusiasm that surrounded this campaign was one of the most inspirational moments of my life.

I have never witness such excitement. I've never felt more enlivened by the political process. Transformation is on the horizon. A different kind of leadership is coming to light.

I can't remember a time when the world came together and felt so vested in the outcome. I'm amazed. Delighted. Re-inspired. Hopeful. Transformed. Changed.

Oh! What a Night!


"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change we seek."

~ President-elect, Barack Obama

Images of History in the Making


The previous images were captured by the talented photographer Bryan Fenstermacher, out of Columbus, OH.

Barack Obama is speaking in front of Ohio's capitol building in Columbus. My hometown city. One can simply feel the energy vibrating from this prolific man. I can't rememeber the last time I was inspired by a political figure. No matter what your politics are, one can appreciate the wonder of this historic presidential race.

Let the games begin.

Buses, Trains, Automobiles, and Motor-scooters

Stay committed to your decisions flexible in your approach.

~ Tom Robbins

Lately I've had to learn how to become more flexible.

Off the mat that is.

Now, I'm commuting between Chiayi and Taichung. Teaching in Taichung on the weekends, teaching in Chiayi during the week. And, to make things more interesting, I'll be teaching in Kaohsiung by the 2nd half of the month. Its all good. I've had to learn how to maneuver within Taiwan's public transportation system...which is interesting since my Chinese skills are below par, and I can't read it either. Good thing is, I know my I can easily line that up when trying to figure out which train to take, on what platform, at what time.

Most certainly have had my fair share of buses, trains, automobiles, and motor-scooters...

Now, if only I can get my hands on a camel, unicycle, and hot-air balloon, I'll have covered about every mode of transport.

James Bond


Daniel Craig is the the best Bond...after Sean, of course.

Hope & Change


...truth is the universal solvent for blockages, limitations, conflicts, and problems of mortal existence. Some say truth hurts, but it only hurts ego, never the loving self that you are. Truth is the highest consciousness, and the ever-abiding presence of God in reality. In knowing that, you know the truth which is constant with love. ...Truth is revealed only in the presence of love. While all emotions have their own element of truth, there is no truth to be found in belligerent and hostile actions. The truths that are occluded from you are the ones smothered by your breaches with love. This is the great value of a true friend or a true love. In his or her presence, truth is a shining revelation.

~ excerpt from Love Without End, by Glenda Green

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween !!


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