I've been on numerous planes this year. I always have to take an obligatory shot once ascended above the clouds. It's my routine. I have a deep love for travel. I actually enjoy hanging out in airports. There is something about being in a space where people are headed somewhere or returning home, including myself. Airports are great places to catch up on reading and people watching. I find so much enjoyment in it, ok, call me crazy, but it's true!

Warsaw! My first time in Poland. I taught an extended weekend workshop at Yoga Republic a beautiful space in the heart of the city. I highly recommend it. Going in, I had a vision in my mind on what Warsaw was like, and let me tell you, it was nothing I expected. Warsaw is a vibrant city with an abundance of culture a buzz with creative energy. I've been told its the new Berlin.

It really comes down to the resiliency of the people, as well, with Warsaw being leveled to the point of utter destruction, during the Second World War, you can imagine what the rebuild must have been like. Also, with the downfall of communism there has been a multitude of change and transition happening. Just a few years ago they lost their prime minister in a plane crash along with many of their top government officials. In light of that, Warsaw has been on an upswing and it's exciting to see. Truly, when a city carries on through tragedy and strife a new strength and energy emerges. I enjoyed the Polish people and found them to be warm and open, and at the same time, a sturdy steadiness seemed to be part of their innate nature. A good balance.

Pawiak Prison - Warsaw, Poland

When in a new place I always love seeing the sites, getting a feeling for what a city offers in terms of energy, culture, social structure and architecture. One thing I appreciated about Warsaw were all the trees and park areas available. I love a city with it's green space and Warsaw definitely had it's fair share. There are many new builds in the process, however at the same time, the maintenance of their green space in regards to city planning seems to be an important factor they take into consideration.

I'm looking forward to my next visit. Already a plan to comeback in October of 2013 is in the works! 

Urban Yogis - Episode 1


Stories like this really pull at my heart. Yoga Transforming Lives. It happens. 



Roma! A few days before and after our retreat we spent time in Rome. It stole my heart. Filled with beauty and history, Rome takes the cake. David and I simply enjoyed exploring the city streets. We'd walked down one street and awe how beautiful it was and then turn the corner down another, and say the same. Then there was the gelato. We indulged, consuming the best in town. Somehow my aversion to dairy took a back seat. I just had to try, and that I did, on more than one occasion. Made me breakout like crazy afterward, but somehow it was worth it, hahaha.

Being the fashion buff that I am I couldn't resist perusing the various high end boutiques. The house of Prada brought a tear to my eye. Yes, this yoga girl can still appreciate things of a material nature. It's simply an appreciation of things well made. The Italians have a special knack for this when it comes to fashion. It is undeniable.

I'm already looking forward to my next trip! Roma! I love you!

Symbolic Substitutes


Here's something to chew on . . . 

Symbolic Substitutes 
By now you are probably aware of this fundamental paradox in human nature: A part of us wants inner peace and transcendence, and another part of us actively fights against it. Each of us instinctively intuits our prior wholeness, the spiritual source that lies hidden within. We are born with an evolutionary implies that drives us towards the fulfillment of our greatest potential. If you have ever felt a "calling," an inner urge to be something more, it is the evolutionary implies sparking you toward unfoldment. This drive is as real and as demanding as the inborn drive to eat, drink, or procreate. At the same time, however, the ego seeks to maintain its condition of separateness and aloneness. It fears its own annihilation because true fulfillment entails the healing of our separation, the integration of the ego into its original function - the health maintenance of our unique sense of "I." 
Because of this basic dichotomy, we seek transcendence in ways that actually prevent it. When we desire something too difficult to attain, we reach for the closest approximation, a symbolic substitute. If we lack personal power, we may seek money and influence as a substitute for this quality. If we lack stability and roots, we may build a lavish home to overcome our sense of insecurity. If we feel a lack of meaning or excitement in life, we may turn to food as the best available substitute. It is a brilliant strategy of the mind to reach for substitutes when we cannot acquire what we really want. Why not reach for food when we are feeling lonely, or search through the refrigerator when life is a little dull? Substitutes can serve as a useful purpose in our day-to-day existence. Yet they work against us when we hold them exclusively as a means for true fulfillment. 
Nourishing Wisdom, by Marc David.

What do you think?

Lecce, Italy

Ahhhh, Lecce, Italy. Such a beautiful place that has stood the test of time and then some. Embarrassingly, I've been late updating in that we held our retreat in early September. When you see a place like this, including many other beautiful areas in Italy, it leaves you thinking, wow, they just don't make'em how they used to. The texture, beauty and solidity of the structures are timeless. Weathered, slightly broken, yet still stunning.

Italy Retreat - Yoga in Salento - Next Year!


I had the pleasure of holding our first yoga retreat at Yoga in Salento in Southern Italy, and I have to say, it exceeded our every expectation. We had an amazing time. It went so well that we have two retreats booked for next year! Ashtanga yoga combined with the beauty and culture of Italy makes for a remarkable combination. With a multitude of beach locations to travel to, and the beauty of Lecce not to far away, there is an abundance to take in and experience. Join us! More details will arrive soon. Until then, these are the dates! 

May 18 - 25, 2013

August 31 - September 7, 2013

For more information and bookings email: info@yogainsalento.com

The beaches in the Salento area are some of the most beautiful in all of Europe. 


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