"Intuition, on the other hand, is the Voice of the Unified Self. It is abstract rather than linear, that is, it literally interconnects outside of time, space, and matter. Therefore, it can appear to be irrational to our intellect, and what it tells us seems to defy all possible explanation. It is the Unified Self's mode of communication and problem solving. Since intuition is a knowing, or foreknowing, it operates in leaps without any logical procedure or formula. It "just knows." Our intuition hold the key to absolute knowledge, or Truth. It is our natural inheritance. And It is infallible."

 ..."Ironically, we need to befriend uncertainty in our life, because that is precisely where we will find the opportunities to learn to develop Trust. In learning to trust our Unified Self, we gradually become liberated from the ego-self's constant obsession with the intellect as being the supreme intelligence and protector of our safety and well-being. As our perception becomes more and more healed and whole, our Unified Self emerges in our awareness. We will acknowledge that the ego-self, with its limited frame of intelligence, can never transport us beyond it's restricted abilities. Only the Unified Self, joined with The Source through Unified Will, can reveal within us the gifts we were born to enjoy as Co-creators."

- extracted from Take Me to Truth: Undoing the Ego, by Nouk Sanchez and Thomas Vieira

Above is some of what I've been working with, among other things. More later ...



Ha. I've been feeling a bit cheeky lately ... This makes me chuckle because I've been exactly that - on occasion.

Hopefully Not Forgotten


Yes. I've been gone - hopefully not forgotten. It's an interesting time. Yes, I always say that. I feel as if I've been spinning like the above spinning dervishes.

I'm learning the art of stillness in movement. To pay attention. A vigilant act that needs attention in every moment. Lock, step. I'm feeling lighter as I enter into darkness ... I've passed another dark period. Interesting how in suffering I've been able to see the clarity in pain. It's necessary. It's how I've grown. One wouldn't have happened without the other. Life is good. My perception is where it all begins ...



It's inspiring when someone immerses themselves into the act of creating simply for the love of it. My boyfriend, DF, just released his debut album, a labor of love shared with his music partner, Chris. It's a cool thing. I was lucky enough to observe some of the creative process that goes into producing a musical compilation. Let me tell you, it takes hard work and love to continue on without any guarantees of success. It's always about the journey, and when that happens, awesome things are created. Whether one person likes it or one million, I couldn't be prouder. Congratulations David, and Chris!!!!!

Interested? Visit The album is available through iTunes, CD baby, and Amazon. My favorite songs are Lost, and Reach. Check it out.


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