In Kuala Lumpur


As we speak I am in Kuala Lumpar. My first time here. Back in Asia after a long break. I arrived last Sunday and will be teaching here for two weeks then off to Taiwan. Discovering a new place comes most welcome. I'm staying in the heart of the metropolis and find this Malaysian city quite interesting and no doubt extremely hot and extremely humid. A departure from Sweden, that is for sure.

My travels here were pretty uneventful. A layover in Copenhagen, as well as, Bangkok. It felt like a long trek and yes my ankles swelled to twice their normal size. The joys of airline travel! Drink water, drink more water. Didn't really help though. In all layovers I made a beeline for Starbucks, haha. I'm so American. My only true indulgence when I leave Stockholm. Funny though, once I arrived in KL I quickly passed up Starbucks for illy instead. Better coffee, more pretentious, and no sizes you can takeaway as big as your head. Thankfully. There is nothing worse than an over caffeinated foreigner. Annoying.

My first impressions of KL?

  • Wow, look at that skyline! With the tallest twin towers in the world it is an impressive sight and an architectural achievement. They are truly stunning. 
  • The cab drivers are chatty and friendly. Most strike up conversations with me. I love it. It's like having a therapist that runs on a timed meter.
  • The heat and the humidity. Geeez. I've turned soft! Sweden has softened my resolve of such extremes. I used to revel in it. I'm doing my best to adjust and stay hydrated. 
  • FOOD. I had quickly forgotten the scope and variety of food offered in Asia. It can be overwhelming to have so many choices. At least for me it is. The food is relatively cheap too. Another plus. 
  • KL is cosmopolitan and diverse. It feels like a meeting place of East meets West, with a strong mix of the Middle East. 
  • Shopping. Loads of shopping. You can find just about every label here and then some. There is an abundance of malls in the city center. Found 50 wants and nothing I need, haha. 
  • Did I mention the heat and humidity?
  • Traffic. It's epic.
  • Where's the fresh air? There is none.
  • It's hot here. 35˚+ (Celsius) everyday.
  • When I walk around I feel completely out of fashion. The Asian cities have a way of making me feel this way, haha. Maybe I should shop more?
  • Yes, it is hot and very humid. Repeat.
  •  Service!!! In Asia the service is the best. Hands down. At least, this has been my experience. Always offered a smile and assistance when needed. No eye rolling or hesitation. It is awesome.

As the trip progresses I'm sure I'll have more insight. Leading up to coming here I had gotten so busy I ceased blogging so I hadn't mentioned my upcoming trip. It's been off and on all year. Back and forth. Hopefully I can jump back on the bandwagon. I know I've been saying that almost every time I write, haha.

It feels good to be traveling again. I love discovering new places. The world is fascinating!!! 


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