Urban Philosophy Retreat with Sati Chmelar, 26 - 29 September 2013 - Stockholm, Sweden


Unmasking Your Identity and Facing Your Afflictions: An Introduction to Patañjali’s Classical Yoga and the Nature of Your Mind
This immersion into the teachings of Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtras will serve as a guide into the memories and beliefs that have shaped your life and what you perceive yourself to be. The retreat will not just be an exploration of ideas, but how powerful ideas become when they attempt to map out the landscape of your own moment-to-moment experience.
We will use contemplative writing, drawing, group and partner sharing, lecture, discussion, and meditation practice to make the teachings of Classical Yoga come alive and relevant to your everyday life. By using the power of intimacy both personally and collectively to flesh out our fears and loving aspirations, we will seek to breathe life into the teachings of Yoga to illuminate your greater potential for self-mastery.
If you are new to philosophical studies in Yoga or struggled with trying to understand the philosophy of Yoga before, this retreat is for you!

Primary focus areas of this retreat:
Metaphysics of Classical Yoga
Outline of the mind
Exploring the nature of kleshas (obstacles) 

Supplies Needed:
• Writing utensil, journal, plain white paper, drawing pens/pencils or crayons
• A willingness to understand yourself
• A desire to cultivate self-discipline
• A sense of humor
• An open heart

Shannon Rose Chmelar (Sati) is an American yoga teacher who teaches the Ashtanga Vinyāsa Yoga system and various philosophical traditions including Classical Yoga, Vedanta, and Mahayana Buddhism. She is also a writer, massage therapist, and multi-media performance artist. She is the Founder and Director of Vasudhaiva, an educational institute and retreat company dedicated to the study of classical Indian thought, Buddhism, and Yoga. In all of her work, she strives to illuminate how ancient wisdom teachings may help us overcome our daily struggles and cultivate a more compassionate existence.
Sati was born in Frankfurt, Germany and raised in the US, Italy, and Japan. Her conscious spiritual journey began in adolescence after experiencing a series of transcendental awakenings. This gave her a thirst to know the divine nature underlying existence and led her to various practices that use the body as a form of spiritual inquiry. At first, she explored this through the study of dance in her teens and shifted to experimental performance throughout her 20’s at Bennington College in Vermont and later, in Florida.


Thursday       16:00-18:00 
Friday           18:00-20:00   
Saturday        08:00-12:00 (+short break)
Sunday         13:00-17:00 (+short break)

Location: Yogayama - Stockholm, Sweden
Cost: 1800 sek

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