Two Week Break


It's been a long time since I've done a true personal blog post. I've been balancing many things at once the past few years and now it is beginning to sound like a broken record saying such things. Taking time to sit down and write has been something I have been missing for a long time now. One of my simple and most satisfying pleasures. One main reason to get back to it. Hands down it's one of most therapeutic practices I have ever undertaken besides yoga and taking a break from it has helped me to realize just how much.

The past few years have been filled with growth and building. So much has developed as well as interesting opportunities which I feel blessed to have such things come my way but at the same time the busyness of life can start to feel just that, busy. So, taking time to slow down and reflect has been an important practice to fit in because lately I've been giving out every bit of what I have. Somewhere in there I have to save a bit for myself.

I'm in the mist of taking a two week break. Something I haven't experienced in a long time while being home. It's the simple pleasures that make me feel more human and slow me down. It gives a new appreciation of home and to be okay with doing nothing. Ahhh. Gotta love that.

I've been also reflecting on many things lately. One reason why writing is an important practice for collecting thoughts and insights or just simply cleansing the mind. It's refreshing to take in tidbits of information and experiences and chew on them more in depth. I live for this. At heart, I'm an introvert and garner more energy being alone or silent. Funny how destiny has always pushed me into lines of work that is much more extroverted in nature. Which is a good thing. 

Blind Devotion. Love in Action


The sweetest thing ever. Love in action.

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