Gangster Yoga with Alexander Medin


So great to see Alexander Medin speak on his current project, "Back in the Ring" on Tedx!



Warsaw, Poland. For the past three years I've arrived during the first weekend of October as the Fall coloring begins to form. A beautiful time of year. A time of transition. I've done a fair amount of work in Eastern Europe and an affinity for this part of the world has begun to form. The people understand hardship and they also understand triumph. It's interesting being in places that have experienced a fair amount of upheaval as well as healing. When it comes to the city of Warsaw I love it. Right now it seems to be a good time for the people here. There is a vibrancy emerging bringing a sense of aliveness and change.

I feel grateful to have had the chance to return to many of the places I have done workshops. Each return there is a chance to more deeply get a feel for a place and the community. There is a familiarity and at the same time always new places to discover. Meeting yogis in various parts of the world once again bring to light how our sameness is much stronger than or difference.

Touch The Sky


So many timeless themes in this short film. I love it.

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