Attunement and Other Things


Love says "I am everything".
Wisdom says "I am nothing".
Between the two, my life flows.

Nisargadatta Maharaj

Practice this morning was one of those swimming up stream practices. Got to bed later than normal, up later than normal, and there you have it...yuck, all the way around. Some things just aren't worth it. I've come to terms that I do best going to bed early and rising early. Yup. Sounds bor-ring, but that's my life, and it feels better than the alternative.

My Swedish studies have been going well. In the beginning, I was a bit overly ambitious and literally felt like I fried my brain. Now, I'm taking smaller bites everyday and it's been unbelievable how much is soaking in. Although, I'm far from fluent. My vocabulary has grown, but the challenge is always the grammar. Ugh, I don't even like grammar in English (obviously), lol.

I got some good things coming up. I've decided to receive my Reiki level II attunement, which will be this weekend. I feel blessed to be doing this with someone I highly admire and have done work with in the past. I'll be posting what services she offers beyond Reiki. She's quite literally an angel that walks this earth, and in my eyes has always been consistent in her message and actions. She has helped me tremendously through her work, but also as an example, which really drives things home for me. Should be an interesting experience. I'll not only be learning to deepen my Reiki practice on people, but she will be teaching me how to give Reiki to animals as well, which I've heard is a huge gift.

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Stepping into the Void


"I don't want to live. I want to love first, and live incidentally."
(Zelda Fitzgerald)

Stepping into the void. Sounds like an awful thing, doesn't it? I mean, it isn't always a comforting place. However, I've learned voids can be places of freedom. Admitting that I don't know anything, and can't really claim to, opens many doors of experience. Leading with curiosity is always much more fun than being the expert.

Being an avid reader, the one thing I can say about simplifying my life that hasn't worked, is when it comes to books. I seem to acquire a stack of books wherever I go. I have my favorite genres, but also an insatiable appetite, and curiosity regarding many forms of thought, and experiences on life and love. I mean, what else is there? Lol.

Explains my tendency toward wanderlust. Traveling to far off places forces one to step into unknowing. A void of sorts. In the void, I discover something inside that I hadn't realized was there. Yes there might be a bit of fear present, but often when walking through it, divine shifts happen to get you by. And, what a thrill that is. We walk, things happen by inspired design, and all that needs to be done is to take that first uncertain step.

In the void things are created. Inspiration comes. Life begins. It's open. It's fair game. Anything is possible, and is. You can either choose to be scared by it, or embrace whatever comes with it. Really what have we got to loose? I mean really, when we start subtracting from our life, we finally get to the meat anyway. There's a world of gain in the void. It's PURE POTENTIAL.

Not knowing is a good thing. And as I type this, I can't believe I am. Several years ago I didn't even have a clue to this concept. When saying over and over and over again to someone..."that I didn't know, I don't know...I just don't KNOW!!!"

I was told calmly..."that's okay. That's actually a good thing."

I meekly replied..."it is?" I was dumbfounded.

The only thing you can learn about being in control is that you aren't. Another concept that has burned me on one too many of occasions. But, it's all good. I find relief in letting go, instead of hanging on to beliefs, concepts and labels. I know I must still harbor some, but the more I let go, I start to feel lighter, more in tune and self contained in a way that sustains from the inside out.

As I move forward, there will still be unknowns to contend with. Yes, there's a rough sketch for things to come that are in the works, which is beautiful and great, however the exciting part is also in the unfolding and emerging that I still haven't got a clue about, and that's nice.
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Blank Out


"We search for the Divine everywhere except within us. There is no difference between the Guru, the Self and the Divine. Antar mukhi sada sukhi: 'He who perceives the Divinity within is always happy.' " (Shri Shri)

So, I had a bit of tweak-age in my right shoulder yesterday from practice. Damn, Karandavasana, lol. Good lesson though. I've learned the hard way. My tendency to blank out, especially in inverted poses, happens from time to time. Reminds me of when I blanked out, and blindsided my boyfriend, to his surprise and dismay. Funny now, not very funny then. I thought I about killed him.

This morning, with my shoulder being a bit sore, I consciously moved slower than normal, breathing through discomfort. Thankfully, there were no sharp pains, and I was able to endure with no added struggle.

Everything about today's practice was a pleasure. Moving slowly gave richness and depth that left me feeling fully complete, even with a slight shoulder issue. It was almost as if I got to taste each posture, as it assimilated, before moving on to the next. There was no opportunity to obsess or try to perfect, because I was not wanting to push. I felt comforted, and learned a little something about being present with whatever we are given on any given day. I guess you can say, I experienced a sense of peace wash over me, without any type of will. It was there...waiting.

From this place true healing can begin.

Acceptance, seems to bring us into the present. Good, bad or indifferent we make peace with what is available here and now. Willingness, is like the courage we take, moving forward with faith...trusting.

From what I've experienced, these are simple states of being or shifts in perception. No doing. All that's needed, is to look, in a new light, trusting all is as it should be - then, Grace becomes the bridge to walk over troubled waters - always available, we only need to be open to receive it.

I find these states of perception are the keys that open the door to what's rightfully ours. Rightfully who we are - nothing needing to be done - only being what we truly are.

True, whatever Grace chooses to descend upon us may not look how our ego would like, or desire, but in the end, isn't it better to trust the wisdom and guidance of a force that sees all and knows all?

I'll bet all my chips here.

David Wolfe


David Wolfe. Always provocative.

A Revelation


"It's not the length of life, but the depth of life."
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Going deep isn't always comfortable. Well, it isn't always comfortable for the ego. Where, in turn, our expansive self relishes anything that takes us beyond limitations, labels, and identifications.

In the past several years I've had the opportunity to live in both realities - the reality of fear and the reality of trust. Still dancing between both on occasion, at least I finally know how to look at myself, and my silly little mind, from a wider vantage point.

Now it comes to the point where of I've done a shit load of reading, practicing yoga, and self work that it's about damn time to consciously and diligently put acquired knowledge into practice everyday, in every way. With true experience comes wisdom. We all know that. I'm not talking about becoming rigid - I'm talking about becoming conscious and awake, in every moment, of weather I'm feeding my expansive self or restricted self.

I've learned many lessons, and I'm sure there will be more to come, however one thing that's become evidently clear, is I must be willing to give away exactly what it is, I seek.

What a revelation.



Since Being Back


"Let us be silent, that we may hear the whisper of the Gods." (Emerson)

Since being back, life has taken on a slow, easy quality. I find that I get bored quickly by artificial stimuli that seems to be everywhere. Living with no television, no cellphone, reading and walking alot, and of course, practicing everyday, I haven't experienced one moment of boredom in the simplicity. In addition, I'm doing some low-key teaching. Meaning, I'm not going out and soliciting people, just touching base with those who are inspired to learn in the tradition of KPJ.

The flow experienced from my travels have followed me here, and I feel blessed to be staying with a good friend who spent 5 months in India this past year. She was in Goa practicing under, Certified teacher, Rolf Noujokat, while I was in Mysore - and we have taken the vibe of India into our lives. Which makes the transition comforting.

We shop together at the neighborhood co-op to purchase local organic produce, and cook up healthy, vegetarian, ayurvedic meals. To eat like this feels like I'm not only feeding my body, but my soul. Never being much of a cooker, I thank God my friend is a master at it, and is teaching me everything she knows. So thankful.

It's finally clicked how disconnected I've been to food much of my adult life - even though I've always been interested in nutrition and health for various reasons. However, the importance had been focused on what results I could attain by eating a certain way, superficially, versus connecting to the food itself. Always wanting to do what was easiest and less of a hassle, while I absently ate, was the routine - never really taking time to enjoy. The practice of connecting to one's food is something I'm rediscovering in a whole new way, and it feels good. So very good.

True, the peace and experience felt during the past year, have come with me. Of course, it doesn't necessarily take traveling long distances to make conscious change. However, I feel following one's higher calling, can do that, by bringing us closer to who we are - whatever that may be.

Obviously, coming back has brought me in touch with many things...almost a full circle feeling, as I begin another. Yep. There is continuous growth to behold, but that's what makes life exciting. The exciting part being getting to a point where I listen, and truly trust what is there. Doesn't get more thrilling than that. I don't need more stuff. I don't need to busy myself with little things that don't fit into the bigger picture. I just need to be - and then...only then, is when I truly begin to live.

Such Strength


Wow. This looks like fun.

Continuous Jump Through

This is my morning warm-up. Hahaha. Just kidding.



I came across a blog recently that had post after post of inspired, inspiration. The author connects all forms of faith, religions, and masters bringing it all down to simple, unified Truth, beautifully. Check out Uradiance if you get the chance, I know I will regularly.

Below is a post I sincerely, connected with.


"Take no thought for tomorrow... " ( Jesus)

"Give up worrying about the past. Give up dreaming of the future. The past no longer exists. The future has not been born. But deeply observe the present moment, just as it is, and you shall attain the peace and unity of the ancient masters." (Buddha, Bheda Karata Sutta)

Please don't try to improve the world. I don't need you to improve me. How do you feel when you meet someone who wants to improve you? Is it not an assault, a subtle form of violence against you?

"But there is injustice in the world, and I want to improve it!" Is your attempt to improve the world not another form, a subtler form, of injustice?

Injustice is an unwarrented gap in power between two lives. But injustice begins within ourselves. It begins when we divide one part of our personality against another, and make one part of ourself more powerful in order to suppress another. My mind, full of ideals about how I want to be in the future, begins to manipulate my behavior. My thoughts try to change the present state of mind into a better state, a higher state. I mold the present into the future. I cannot embrace the Now.

Self-improvement is a war on what is, an attack on Presence. It imposes a "should" on the world. Our "should" is a weapon of mass destruction: we use it on ourselves, then on others, then on the whole earth. All utopian plans to design a better world contain this "should." The Communist idealists had a vision: a golden age of human equality. They ruined half the world trying to impose their vision. The Neo-conservative idealists have a vision: a golden age of global democracy sustained by the free-market. They are destroying everything else. Idealism is a form a violence, hope is a form of violence, for the desire to change the world contains the unspoken desire to destroy it.

Does this mean that we must passively accept injustice? God forbid! It means that there is a better way, a non-violent way, to transform our world: a form of creative action which arises not from attacking what is, but from wholeness.

Creative action can begin from unconditional acceptance of the present moment. "In the beginning, God created..." This present moment is always the Beginning. When we see the beauty and grace in things as they are, right now, we can allow our action to arise as participation in the moment of creation.

What is, is. Otherwise, it could not be. Though our small intellects may not comprehend the purpose and design, things are as they must be now. Therefor, non-violent action responds to the world without insisting on improvement. Non-violence is a dialogue with what is, not a plan for what should be.

If I truly want good, I will not divide the world into better and worse. I will not engage in judgment or comparison. Good can only arise from good: good is never the outcome of a conflict with evil. That is why Jesus said, "Love your enemy... Do not resist the evil one."

The action that arises from Now is not "an improvement." It is a response. It is a wave of silence, a tremor of unity, a gesture of the whole through its parts. Never a war, but a dance.

"Improvement" arises from a divided mind, a worried mind, a mind split into present and future. Action based on worry will always produce more tension, more division.

So if I want a good world, I will begin by healing myself of worry. I will relax into the wholeness of the present moment with undivided attention. It is possible to worry about the past and the future, but it is impossible to worry about the present. The present moment does not have to be thought, and worry only exists in thought. People who do heroic deeds never feel like heros. They just act in the present moment.

The end of worry is Now. Now is courage. If you have the courage to be fully in this Now, you are improving the world.

- Posted by Uradiance

A Vase

I am always holding a priceless vase in my hands.
If you asked me about the deeper truths
of the path and I told you
the answers,

it would be like handling sacred relics to you.
But most have their hands tied
behind their

that is, most are not free of events their eyes have seen

and their ears have heard

and their bodies have felt.

Most cannot focus their abilities
in the present, and
might drop what
I said.

So I'll wait; I don't mind waiting until
your love for all
makes luminous
the now.

- Rabia

Talk About Fast


"If the Earth can be illumined even today by stars which disintegrated long ago, it is not impossible that the hearts of its inhabitant may be illumined, sanctified, entranced and beautified by Grace which emanates from a spiritual being vitalized long ago in the chronology of time. Like a charged battery, that spiritual entity can reveal itself, wherever there is available a receiving set attuned to it."

- Yoga of the Bhagavad Gita

Yesterday, I received news, and the Swedish Embassy has scheduled an interview for me! Already! Talk about fast! They've only had my application for a week! So, looks like we got everything in order when it came to the application. A total relief.

Things are moving along, and that means getting serious about learning Swedish. Oh my. The thought of learning another language sounds like fun. Like I'll be more cultured or something...but, what I haven't taken into account is that it's gonna take some hard, diligent work too. Not so much fun. Haha. With a boyfriend who has already warned me there will be NO talking English when I get back, looks like it will on. And, go figure, he has already warned his friends not to give into me either. Talk about tough! Could you imagine me sneaking off trying to get my English fix like an addict or something. Funny. But, I guess it's gotta be done. I wonder how long it will take to be fluent? Hmmmm. God only knows.

Once I get my mind wrapped around something there is no turning back. I commit. I commit with everything I've got. Call it stubbornness or sheer determination. Dunno. Kinda like when Ashtanga yoga found me. I dove in head first. So, I gotta use this attitude with the language thing. Letting go of shyness and the insecurity around sounding stupid, has got to be done. No doubt.

I love how Caroline Myss illustrates that humiliation. Yes. Humiliation is one of the biggest barriers to growth. Often we'll stop at nothing, from fulfilling our desires and dreams, from being unique or different, all because of the dreaded affects of humiliation. Interesting - and something I had never really thought about before, until I heard her mention it in an interview. Seems to hold true in many instances.

With all that being said, and the transient life I've grown accustomed to, looks like I'm jumping in again, full speed ahead...and for some odd reason, it seems like the most natural thing in the world.
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Again and Again - It's about the Practice.

The most important part of any spiritual practice is doing it. That is why we should always just "do the practice" and not be overly concerned with or focused on what we think the results might be, or even on our own state of mind. The truth is, it can't be what we think! It just is! It is not up to us to create it - we are simply cleaning the mirror of our hearts so we can see the reflection of our own true face without distortion.

- excerpt from, Flow of Grace, by Krishna Das

Again, it's about the practice. Nothing else.

It's so easy to get side swept by controversy and uncertainty within the community. But, at the end of the day, what is most important? Is it the controversy of unforeseen events, or is it the daily visiting of the internal quest? This is what I ask myself, when I feel I'm being sucked into something that isn't in alignment with Truth.

The ego loves complication. The ego loves to assume things, and separate people into a million different subdivisions. With the core of what the word Yoga means - it being Union - often it seems to be the last thing many want to focus on. It really is that simple.

The phenomenon comes in where the physical components and the tool itself take precedence over the essence behind why we practice, which is where the Realness of the whole experience Is. This has been at the center of my contemplation lately.

Of course we are in these bodies and responsibility comes with that. However, it is the tool, and only that. One of the ways I explain to students who may obsess about certain postures - and believe me, I've been there myself, and in no way state I'm immuned to it - is the example of a flute or even a sail boat. Often these things are insignificant without wind in the sails of a boat, to help move it along. Or how can a flute make beautiful music, without conscious breath being blown into it? Without that, they're only dense objects with no life.

The happiness we can receive by mastery lasts longer than temporary joys. We should all become masters. That is true freedom and real victory. If you are free from your own mind and senses, nothing can bind you: then you are really free.

- Sri Swami Satchidananda

The daily experience of our practice can lead to a quest for ego satisfaction or a quest for connection - joining - letting go. The days when the movement becomes a struggle, I take my awareness to my breath, and observe that I had been absent to it for the duration of struggle. Or, maybe thoughts ventured off to where my ego felt I needed to be. Ah-ha. No wonder. How easy it is to forget, but also how easy it is to remember.

Yes, there has been some talk regarding the uncertainity of where the practice is heading, but I don't look to uncertainity as a bad thing. The boat needs to rock from time to time. However, adding drama or hearsay into the mix doesn't bring us any closer to Truth. Only the simple practice of connection does, and that starts from the inside out.
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"It is love that brings meaning to our lives. The path of love goes right through the middle of every heart. No one is locked out. No one is turned away. No one is unworthy. The love that lives within each and every being is Bhagavan; it is Ram, Buddha Nature, the Atman, the Great Goddess, the Self, the One. It is who we are - our own True Nature, radiant and shining like a million suns.

- excerpt from, Flow of Grace, by Krishna Das
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Repetition of the Name and reciting prayers like the
Hanuman Chalisa are at once the path and the goal. They are the path when we think we are separate and we are doing it, but with deeper realization we find that Love has been waiting inside of us all along, pulling us into Itself. Just like a statue that slowly emerges from a slab of marble as more of a block is chipped away, we begin to experience Hanuman's inner form as our practice deepens. It already exists within. We are just removing what's covering it. As our focus and attention increase, the form comes alive within us.

It is Love.

- excerpt from, Flow of Grace, by Krishna Das
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Ashtanga Demo


Amazing demo of various poses blended together from all the series of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system.

"Hanuman brings with him all the beautiful qualities of strength and gentleness, courage and fearlessness, love and compassion. More than that, he throws out all our old moldy furniture; all the unwashed pots and pans, all the old dirty clothes piled up in the corner, all our stuff, our selfish little secrets, and all we hide form ourselves and others - all the mold and dirt we have gotten used to living with! He doesn't give us time to clean up from him - he does the housecleaning himself, going from room to room throwing stuff out the windows, as we follow him around and say, "Oh no, not that too!" Once Hanuman has moved in, then we are truly ready to begin the practice of repeating the Divine Name: Ram. The Name is a mystery. It is said that God and His Name are not different. This is not the simple mechanical repetition of sounds, but a deep and ancient path to Realization. It is the transmission of awareness of the presence of God within us."

- excerpt from, Flow of Grace, by Krishna Das
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"Taking refuge is a subtle and important concept. When we sincerely take refuge in a "higher power," it is an implicit recognition that we need help. More than that, it is the recognition that help is available. This is the beginning of developing real faith - not blind faith, but faith based on our own experience. It is opening to the realization that things are not the way we think they are, and that someone is there to help us - someone who knows what is to be known."

- excerpt from, Flow of Grace, by Krishna Das
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John Scott - Practicing Blindflolded


Being & Doing

"When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life."
- Eckhart Tolle

This morning when practicing, I had a moment where I realized the difference between doing and being in each posture.

Through the years, even though flowing through the same sequence, the richness lies in finding newness and presence everyday. Some days it's a struggle. Other days everything seems to flow with ease and effortlessness. Accepting that today wasn't like yesterday, and being with whatever has changed, has given me the experience on the mat to then take into daily life.

Like Tim Miller would say - "It's the same sequence, but everyday is different."

It can be easy to get caught up in the accomplishment of postures, however with that, there is little experience with Grace. Balancing the effort with non-doing starts to become a subtle practice.

After Mysore, India, I stayed true with where Sharath guided me, and found total satisfaction with scaling back, and becoming less concerned with how far I've come, and more into how deep I can go. It's never ending. Instead of spreading myself thin, I found unlimited abundance with simply being where I am.

Now I've come to a point where I've listened to my inner voice, and pressed on a bit further, knowing that nothing has been lost, and nothing is really gained by doing so. All is already available, and always has been.

It's so cool how our teachers have a way of subtly teaching us these vast and important lessons.
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Commentary & Demonstration

Flow of Grace

Cover of "Flow of Grace: Chanting the Han...Cover via Amazon

"Many people fantasize about going off to a cave somewhere, far away from "the world," where they imagine they will find peace of mind and live in some state of bliss. But the truth is that the cause of our unhappiness lies within our own hearts, so no matter where we go, we take it with us. That's the bad news, but it's also the good news. If it is true, it means that everything we see in the supposed outer world is really a reflection of - or a reaction to - our own state of being. If we look around and see anger, fear, and suffering of all kinds, it is the result of the way we see, not what we see. Of course, horrible conditions exist, but being stuck on a superficial level, we can't see what underlies them: the vast presence in which all things have their existence. It is because of this incomplete way of seeing that each of us suffers in our own personal way."

- excerpt from, Flow of Grace, by Krishna Das
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Behold Yourself


Let go of your worries

and be completely clear-hearted,

like the face of a mirror

that contains no images.

If you want a clear mirror,

behold yourself

and see the shameless truth,

which the mirror reflects.

If metal can be polished

to a mirror-like finish,

what polishing might the mirror

of the heart require?

Between the mirror and the heart

is this single difference:

the heart conceals secrets,

while the mirror does not.

- Rumi, The Divani Shamsi Tabriz, XIII

Moving with Grace


Lessons are everywhere when we cease being blind to them. The opportunity to learn and live more compassionately are available even when on the brunt end of what may be considered unjust.

If we are the makers of our own reality, then judging the darkness can also put us in a place where we become unaware of the bigger picture. Believe me, this is something I'm constantly working with, and I can't say it's easy. But, I guess it becomes a practice like any other, and hopefully in time, less of a challenge.

I've realized that judging another is a form of murder, in a sense. It blocks genuine connection. I've seen it within myself how automatic it can be to stand in a place of judgment without really understanding another human being.

Recently, I've been put on the other end of a judgment, which is never fun, and frustrating. However, instead of feeling victimized, I used it as an opportunity to take inventory where I've fallen prey to judging others. It's interesting, because how can I be angry of it if my own record isn't pristine. I mean, I do what I can to live with an open mind - but, if I am to be truly honest with myself, it isn't always the case.

The big question is - When have I placed value over Love?

The thing is, I can never control what other people will think or say. Nonetheless, where the true courage comes in is if I can still react with Love. I dunno if I'm there. However, I continue to ask the questions, doing my best to see the bigger picture, and taking responsibility to see things with Truth.
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Ashtanga Yoga - Finishing Squence


Guru Purnima - Full Moon

"The Guru doesn't stuff your head with knowledge. He infuses your being with Life!" (Shri Shri)

Today is a very auspicious day. Guru Purnima - the beginning of a month long revisiting for students to connect to their teachers, rejuvenate their spiritual practice (sadhana), receiving inspiration and further instructions on the path.

Take time to connect to your teacher, guru or internal teacher. A wonderful time for refocusing and aligning to our higher self. Enjoy.
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Importance of Breath

"Sacinandana Swami says that Hanuman is "an example of discovering our forgotten potency." Up to the point where he crossed the ocean with one big leap, he was not aware that he had this potency, but because he wanted to do seva (selfless service), his potency came out, empowered him, and proved that the word "impossible" is a word not existing in a devotee's dictionary. This quality of unlimited inner strength can only be awakened when it is in the service of Love. God is love, and when we align ourselves with that love and act in the service of that love, anything is possible."

- excerpt from, Flow of Grace, by Krishna Das

No matter what. Whatever time zone - I seem to wake up at dawn. My body comes alive, and tells me...okay let's get to work. But, I'm still a bit jetlaged, wanting to sleep at odd hours, preceded by a bit of dizziness.

Surprisingly, practices have been smooth - no kinks or unusual tightness that come with travels. I think it may be partly due to the fact that I haven't fallen to the wayside with my diet, which is easy to do with traveling. Since doing the panchakarma in India, keeping my body in balance has become essential priority #1. Making choices at the level of cause and not effect has been a key realization to me in the last several months.

Got the paperwork sent off today, and have a huge weight lifted off my shoulders now that that's done. Next - sit and wait - here is where I cultivate patience. Ha! Fun times.
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Handstand Workshop

I came across this video a while ago and thought I would post it. Even though it is geared toward dancers, there are some interesting movements represented that gather strength and spatial awareness.
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Ashtanga Yoga Classes


aNot sure how many from the Columbus area read my blog. However, I'll be teaching Ashtanga yoga classes & privates in the tradition of KPJ for the following months I'll be in the area. Classes will be in a warm and low key setting, while being guided in a thorough, light manner.

If anyone is interested please contact me via email.
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"There is no remedy for love, but to love more."

- Henry David Thoreau

Goodbye Stockholm. Hello...jet lag. I'm back in the States. Didn't really report when I was leaving because I was sidetracked, obviously, before taking off.

I probably had one of my best international travel experiences flying British Airways from Stockholm to Columbus. Everything went super smooth even though I had to go through security a total of 3 times. Started in Stockholm, Arlanda, with layovers in London, Heathrow, and Chicago, O' finally touch down in Columbus. The added bonus was I flew business class from Heathrow to Chicago, and I'm officially spoiled for the rest of my travel career. Ha!

How does it feel to be back after over a year of being away? Well, let me get back to you on that.

Tomorrow, I'll send off the paperwork, and set the wheels in motion in regards to living abroad more permanently. This time, I'm not running away, I'm running toward something. Another life. Another experience that happened unexpectedly - nonetheless a pleasant surprise. You just never know what life will throw at you.

Travel and discovery are undoubtedly in my blood. Finally, I'm living and aligning to what ultimately makes me come alive - sometimes, we simply don't have a choice in the matter. We are lead toward a calling that can only be answered by stepping forward confidently, with faith, knowing, understanding that leading a life with heart is part of joining to the will and gifts of Grace.

Something has changed. Call it an internal shift. Call it a small awakening. Call it what you like. The label is insignificant. However, looking with new eyes changes everything. It is true - our reality begins within us.

Now, I hold a space of gratitude within me, which has been such an important practice. Whenever, I start to tread into negative waters, I take it as a sign that I have forgotten who I am and all that I have to be thankful for. Gratitude has a way of pulling us out of the muck and into the essence of what is True.

I definitely don't have all the answers...and, yes I probably have more questions than answers, but sitting in the delight of what each day will bring, holding on to what is True, brings comfort in times of transition and uncertainty. This is a place I've come to know well on every level imaginable.

Am I any wiser? Ha! I doubt it...but, I've experienced much, and have rubbed up against the troubled waters that rise and fall, from time to time, and will always be...but, maybe I've become better acquainted with how to navigate through it, all the while, connecting to what is ultimately real and untarnished.

With every breath I take, I couldn't be more thankful for what the gifts the past year gave - invisible to the naked eye, but priceless in value. Some were tough lessons of faith and surrender. Others were gifts of unconditional love and strength. All of it culminating to a place of oneness.

Blessed by all the people who touched my heart, no matter how big or small, I've learned that it starts and ends with each other. It's isn't me without the other.

Thank you.

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