Behold Yourself


Let go of your worries

and be completely clear-hearted,

like the face of a mirror

that contains no images.

If you want a clear mirror,

behold yourself

and see the shameless truth,

which the mirror reflects.

If metal can be polished

to a mirror-like finish,

what polishing might the mirror

of the heart require?

Between the mirror and the heart

is this single difference:

the heart conceals secrets,

while the mirror does not.

- Rumi, The Divani Shamsi Tabriz, XIII

3 Insightful Comments:

Wayne said...

This is beautiful and really speaks to me right now - thanks for posting it!

Tracy said...

beautiful perfect as Rumi himself~~~ xo

peaceloveyoga said...

Ahhh. Yes. Rumi is such good medicine. So happy y'all enjoyed it. xoxox.


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