Lessons are everywhere when we cease being blind to them. The opportunity to learn and live more compassionately are available even when on the brunt end of what may be considered unjust.

If we are the makers of our own reality, then judging the darkness can also put us in a place where we become unaware of the bigger picture. Believe me, this is something I'm constantly working with, and I can't say it's easy. But, I guess it becomes a practice like any other, and hopefully in time, less of a challenge.

I've realized that judging another is a form of murder, in a sense. It blocks genuine connection. I've seen it within myself how automatic it can be to stand in a place of judgment without really understanding another human being.

Recently, I've been put on the other end of a judgment, which is never fun, and frustrating. However, instead of feeling victimized, I used it as an opportunity to take inventory where I've fallen prey to judging others. It's interesting, because how can I be angry of it if my own record isn't pristine. I mean, I do what I can to live with an open mind - but, if I am to be truly honest with myself, it isn't always the case.

The big question is - When have I placed value over Love?

The thing is, I can never control what other people will think or say. Nonetheless, where the true courage comes in is if I can still react with Love. I dunno if I'm there. However, I continue to ask the questions, doing my best to see the bigger picture, and taking responsibility to see things with Truth.
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