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"We search for the Divine everywhere except within us. There is no difference between the Guru, the Self and the Divine. Antar mukhi sada sukhi: 'He who perceives the Divinity within is always happy.' " (Shri Shri)

So, I had a bit of tweak-age in my right shoulder yesterday from practice. Damn, Karandavasana, lol. Good lesson though. I've learned the hard way. My tendency to blank out, especially in inverted poses, happens from time to time. Reminds me of when I blanked out, and blindsided my boyfriend, to his surprise and dismay. Funny now, not very funny then. I thought I about killed him.

This morning, with my shoulder being a bit sore, I consciously moved slower than normal, breathing through discomfort. Thankfully, there were no sharp pains, and I was able to endure with no added struggle.

Everything about today's practice was a pleasure. Moving slowly gave richness and depth that left me feeling fully complete, even with a slight shoulder issue. It was almost as if I got to taste each posture, as it assimilated, before moving on to the next. There was no opportunity to obsess or try to perfect, because I was not wanting to push. I felt comforted, and learned a little something about being present with whatever we are given on any given day. I guess you can say, I experienced a sense of peace wash over me, without any type of will. It was there...waiting.

From this place true healing can begin.

Acceptance, seems to bring us into the present. Good, bad or indifferent we make peace with what is available here and now. Willingness, is like the courage we take, moving forward with faith...trusting.

From what I've experienced, these are simple states of being or shifts in perception. No doing. All that's needed, is to look, in a new light, trusting all is as it should be - then, Grace becomes the bridge to walk over troubled waters - always available, we only need to be open to receive it.

I find these states of perception are the keys that open the door to what's rightfully ours. Rightfully who we are - nothing needing to be done - only being what we truly are.

True, whatever Grace chooses to descend upon us may not look how our ego would like, or desire, but in the end, isn't it better to trust the wisdom and guidance of a force that sees all and knows all?

I'll bet all my chips here.

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