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"Many people fantasize about going off to a cave somewhere, far away from "the world," where they imagine they will find peace of mind and live in some state of bliss. But the truth is that the cause of our unhappiness lies within our own hearts, so no matter where we go, we take it with us. That's the bad news, but it's also the good news. If it is true, it means that everything we see in the supposed outer world is really a reflection of - or a reaction to - our own state of being. If we look around and see anger, fear, and suffering of all kinds, it is the result of the way we see, not what we see. Of course, horrible conditions exist, but being stuck on a superficial level, we can't see what underlies them: the vast presence in which all things have their existence. It is because of this incomplete way of seeing that each of us suffers in our own personal way."

- excerpt from, Flow of Grace, by Krishna Das
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Tracy said...

so true..sort of like "Where ever you go..There you are" love this!

peaceloveyoga said...

YES !!


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