"Hanuman brings with him all the beautiful qualities of strength and gentleness, courage and fearlessness, love and compassion. More than that, he throws out all our old moldy furniture; all the unwashed pots and pans, all the old dirty clothes piled up in the corner, all our stuff, our selfish little secrets, and all we hide form ourselves and others - all the mold and dirt we have gotten used to living with! He doesn't give us time to clean up from him - he does the housecleaning himself, going from room to room throwing stuff out the windows, as we follow him around and say, "Oh no, not that too!" Once Hanuman has moved in, then we are truly ready to begin the practice of repeating the Divine Name: Ram. The Name is a mystery. It is said that God and His Name are not different. This is not the simple mechanical repetition of sounds, but a deep and ancient path to Realization. It is the transmission of awareness of the presence of God within us."

- excerpt from, Flow of Grace, by Krishna Das
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Brad Woods said...

Great picture of Hanuman!

peaceloveyoga said...

Gotta love Hanuman!


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