Since Being Back


"Let us be silent, that we may hear the whisper of the Gods." (Emerson)

Since being back, life has taken on a slow, easy quality. I find that I get bored quickly by artificial stimuli that seems to be everywhere. Living with no television, no cellphone, reading and walking alot, and of course, practicing everyday, I haven't experienced one moment of boredom in the simplicity. In addition, I'm doing some low-key teaching. Meaning, I'm not going out and soliciting people, just touching base with those who are inspired to learn in the tradition of KPJ.

The flow experienced from my travels have followed me here, and I feel blessed to be staying with a good friend who spent 5 months in India this past year. She was in Goa practicing under, Certified teacher, Rolf Noujokat, while I was in Mysore - and we have taken the vibe of India into our lives. Which makes the transition comforting.

We shop together at the neighborhood co-op to purchase local organic produce, and cook up healthy, vegetarian, ayurvedic meals. To eat like this feels like I'm not only feeding my body, but my soul. Never being much of a cooker, I thank God my friend is a master at it, and is teaching me everything she knows. So thankful.

It's finally clicked how disconnected I've been to food much of my adult life - even though I've always been interested in nutrition and health for various reasons. However, the importance had been focused on what results I could attain by eating a certain way, superficially, versus connecting to the food itself. Always wanting to do what was easiest and less of a hassle, while I absently ate, was the routine - never really taking time to enjoy. The practice of connecting to one's food is something I'm rediscovering in a whole new way, and it feels good. So very good.

True, the peace and experience felt during the past year, have come with me. Of course, it doesn't necessarily take traveling long distances to make conscious change. However, I feel following one's higher calling, can do that, by bringing us closer to who we are - whatever that may be.

Obviously, coming back has brought me in touch with many things...almost a full circle feeling, as I begin another. Yep. There is continuous growth to behold, but that's what makes life exciting. The exciting part being getting to a point where I listen, and truly trust what is there. Doesn't get more thrilling than that. I don't need more stuff. I don't need to busy myself with little things that don't fit into the bigger picture. I just need to be - and then...only then, is when I truly begin to live.

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