"Sacinandana Swami says that Hanuman is "an example of discovering our forgotten potency." Up to the point where he crossed the ocean with one big leap, he was not aware that he had this potency, but because he wanted to do seva (selfless service), his potency came out, empowered him, and proved that the word "impossible" is a word not existing in a devotee's dictionary. This quality of unlimited inner strength can only be awakened when it is in the service of Love. God is love, and when we align ourselves with that love and act in the service of that love, anything is possible."

- excerpt from, Flow of Grace, by Krishna Das

No matter what. Whatever time zone - I seem to wake up at dawn. My body comes alive, and tells me...okay let's get to work. But, I'm still a bit jetlaged, wanting to sleep at odd hours, preceded by a bit of dizziness.

Surprisingly, practices have been smooth - no kinks or unusual tightness that come with travels. I think it may be partly due to the fact that I haven't fallen to the wayside with my diet, which is easy to do with traveling. Since doing the panchakarma in India, keeping my body in balance has become essential priority #1. Making choices at the level of cause and not effect has been a key realization to me in the last several months.

Got the paperwork sent off today, and have a huge weight lifted off my shoulders now that that's done. Next - sit and wait - here is where I cultivate patience. Ha! Fun times.
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3 Insightful Comments:

Openingslowly said...

Sorry to be nosey, but what diet things are you concentrating on?


Tiffany said...

hahah totally...I think patience is the real work. I'm right there with you babe! XO

peaceloveyoga said...

Openingslowly - when it comes to diet I've been practicing various Ayurvedic ideas and philosophies. I'll have to write more in detail in a future post. However, healthy portions, and eliminating sugar has been key for me, among other things. Hopefully soon I'll gather my notes and write further on this topic.

Tiff! Patience - Grrrrrrrrr. ha ha ha.


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