What's Wrong with Our Food System?


This kid, Birke Baehr, makes a very valid argument when it comes to food. Hopefully more children of his generation will wise up. I see just how challenging it can be with all the fancy marketing they are inundated with. It was when I was child, but not at this level. It really reaffirms my hopes for future generations. 

Support Marriage Equality


I do.


Emeli Sandé - River
If you're looking for the big adventureand gold is all that's on your mindIf all you want's someone to take your picturethen I won't waste your time.See, maybe I'm too quiet for youyou probably never noticed mebut if you're too big to follow rivershow you ever gonna find the sea?

Chorus:so follow me i'll be your river, riverI'll do the running for youfollow me i'll be your river, riveri'll move the mountains for youfollow me, i'll be your river, riveri'm here to keep you floatingfollow mei'll be your river river. River, river, yeah
If all you want are answers to your questionsAnd you can't seem to find no love for freeIf you're looking for the right directionThen darling, look for me
See, I can make the load much lighterI just need you to confide in mebut if you're too proud to follow rivershow you ever gonna find the sea?

Chorus:so follow me, i'll be your river, riverI'll do the running for youfollow me, i'll be your river, riveri'll move the mountains for youfollow me. i'll be your river, riverI'm here to keep you floatingfollow me i'll be your river, river. River, river, yeah

Wherever you're standing, I will be by your sidethrough the good, through the bad, i'll never be hard to findso wherever you're standing I will be by your sidethrough the good, through the bad, i'll never be hard to find

Chorus:so follow me, i'll be your river, riverI'll do the running for youfollow me, i'll be your river, riveri'll move the mountains for youfollow me. I'll be your river, riverI'm here to keep you floatingfollow me, I'll be your river, river. River, river, yeah
Wherever you're standing, I will be by your side

Through the good, through the bad, I'll never be hard to find

* * *

I've been loving the vocal stylings of Emeli Sandé. Refreshing. Different. I find great pleasure in finding musical artist that fly a little below the radar. She's a gem and the above song is one of my favorites, specifically because of the lyrics, and it is a treat to hear it through such a exquisite voice. Everyday I am challenged in letting go. A constant theme. Many times I have resisted in letting go; however, when I finally do it seems a greater possibility opens. 

Passive Aggressive


Moment of inner freedom when the mind is opened and the infinite universe revealed and the soul is left to wander dazed and confus’d searching here and there for teachers and friends.   
- Jim Morrison 

I've lived in Sweden for over 3 years now. Time has flown by, as I always say. It's kinda frightening just how fast. During the cold, dark winters, I still ask myself, how in the hell did I end up here? Oh yeah, I remember now, hahaha. It's not all that bad. I just like to exaggerate on the weather just like any native Swede would. Hence, constantly complaining, talking about, comparing it to, hemming and hawing, blah, blah, blah. I guess it would get old after while. Now, the newness of the winters are steadily beginning to wear off, and wear off fast. And somehow, once entering March the temps have dropped even further, but hopefully not my resolve. 

However, this isn't why I write today, because quite honestly there is something I need to get off my chest, and usually when it comes to this point it has been eating at me for sometime already. I like to ride things out and see where the chips may fall and with limited platforms or people to express this too here I have no other option but to blog about it. Those who have been following me for a while know that I don't have a problem talking about dark periods in my life, and believe me, there will be more to disclose. I don't believe for one minute that being in the world of yoga means hiding behind a manufactured face of bliss. When we get down and dirty, meeting our edge it isn't always pretty, but by God, it will be liberating! And quite frankly, as of late, I tire of the coldness of Sweden. Oh no, not the temperature, this is not what I speak of today, it is the famous Swedish jealousy and passive aggressive nature that is so prevalent in this country. In spite of my experience with this, I'm not here to rattle on and downgrade a place that I have grown to love and appreciate. Sweden in many ways is an amazing country and one I feel blessed to experience. But what I have learned through my travels is every place has a light and a shadow side and Sweden is no different. 

Often it has been confusing. I have been with those who I thought were my friends to then get the sense they were anything but, hoping for my dimise. In many ways, it has made me sad, for a minute, and to really look at it forces me to reach higher and rise above. What I have found is the more push back I get, or passive aggressive treatment I receive, I use it as fuel to further look inside and find a better way within myself to be and to live. Having an acquaintance be unable to handle it if I am at the center of conversation within a circle of people, to then speak in Swedish loudly next to me, starting another conversation to make themself feel more powerful and in control, is something I have experienced on a number of occasions. It's shocking but funny at the same time. I guess it takes more energy to be that way. 

I've been in working situations where it took someone literally 6 months to acknowledge my presence even in the mist of looking them in the eye and saying hello. Again, it must be hard to be that way. So closed off and unwilling to give someone on the outside a chance. The thing is, being on the outside is nothing new for me and to live with this has in many ways been a blessing in disguise. When I receive the brunt end of this type of treatment it only makes me stronger, as I lean on those who I know in my heart have my back. Once you know who is really willing to go to bat for you, it's relationship to cherish. 

This has also been a practice in not allowing myself to shut down and close off. Though it hurts at times, and my heart has ached, at the very least I know, I can feel and be vulnerable to it. Though often I have been angry. However, I have no problem with letting the anger ride out. At least there is blood pulsing through my veins and being true to the emotion that arises means I don't have to be attached to it for long. Though there have been lies spoken and undercutting remarks and unkind behavior done on my behalf, I choose not engage in it even though humanly speaking it does cross my mind. I'm not here to bitch about it. I'm here to transform it. This is what I have realized. 

My boyfriend has spoken openly about this to me, which he calls, "Swedish jealously." Friends of his have been frank about it as well. Of course this is not limited to just Sweden. I'm not that blind. One can find this type of treatment anywhere. Often when willing to step out, make a difference, or to simply live your passion in truth, there will be those who will have issue with it instead of using it as inspiration. 

So to those who would not like to see me succeed, or have made my stay here more challenging and isolating, I thank you. I thank you will all my heart. You have strengthened my resolve to continue on my path, exploring my potential, and expanding into the new projects I have set in motion. I'm even more inspired to find the love and to be who I am. If it wasn't for you, I might not have quickened so readily inside myself. And, with that being said, I am even more revitalized and motivated to establish a community in Stockholm through the love and passion of yoga that will sing the praises of what this journey is all about. Yeah. I'm not going anywhere.

Once again,


Why We Breathe


Yoga documentary 



Vegan Shake


Hell yeah!

Friday Favs


I've been craving more lightness in my life, hence the above videos. I especially love the first one. It reminds me how brilliance is manifested through practice. Pure and simple. No matter the craft, it must be practiced to achieve mastery, as the practice in itself holds us in the center of our being. To the core.  

The second clip is for pure enjoyment. All these rhymes take me back and I love it. 

Vedic Astrology


Hiding in this cage

of visible matter

is the invisible life bird

pay attention to her

she is singing your song

- Kabir

When in India I had the opportunity to have a Vedic astrology reading done and my palm read. I had been curious about it, but never seriously looked into it over my pervious trips. When the opportunity arose, I decided, what the heck. The palm was easy, I just handed it over, and began to wonder where do you even begin when reading someone's palm? Mr. V. looked it over with a keen eye, even studying certain spots with scrutiny. For a moment, a twinge of nervousness arose, wondering if he would find something that caused alarm. The mind, it can always take us down the path of the dramatic. The information given was interesting and affirming. I even laughed out loud a few times. Whoa. All that is written all over my palm? Much of the information hit close to home. 

Vedic astrology is different from the conventional astrological readings done in the west. Both have merit just different approaches. I don't really stock my life on these readings and do them more out of curiosity, while finding a thread of truth in the saying "as above so below," I take it as something that hits closer to home than we realize, but in the same breath, there is always the element of connection that goes beyond even the external realities of the stars. I just try to be open to what these practices have to offer. Nowadays, we are acutely out of touch with our surrounding environment. The ancients held the stars in high regard and forecasted a multitude of knowledge and wisdom. 

In my reading I had to calculate the time of my birth in Indian time. That's the difference, first off. Instead of using the time, date, and location of my birth, the time only is adjusted to Indian time. I was offered interesting information and was also given a forecast for the year, as well as, offered advice moving forward. For one, I was told Thursday is my day to deeply connect with the divine. I liked this. Sure everyday we should make an effort to connect but to have a special day that holds resonance to my astrological make up was something I had never heard of before. When it comes to the other stuff, I'll hold it close to me. It's nothing too earth shattering anyway, but if I am to step into a grow period that awaits, I need to be ready and connected, so I'll take the advice to heart. It certainly can't hurt. 

Guerilla Gardener


This is amazing. Community gardens are the wave of the future. 

Photo Practice

"An intellectual says a simple thing a hard way. An artist says a hard thing a simple way."   
 - Charles Bukowski

I've been practicing my photography and feeling lucky to have such a lovely backdrop to work in. Stockholm starts to sing with vibrancy as the light of Spring emerges. We're not quite there yet, nonetheless, it is just around the corner. With that being said it reminds me how easy it is to look ahead thinking if only this or that were here now life would be better or more enjoyable. Yes, more sunshine and warmth do seem to make it easier but I am often reminded how easy it is to search for salvation in a future outcome. I say this because this has been my default off and on for some time, and I've learned how it has only distracted me from the here and now. Or maybe even the pain or discomfort I feel in the present moment. However, whatever I distract myself from always has a way of creeping up on me no matter what. It always feels scarier in the mind than in reality. So . . . I take pictures. It really has a way of making me appreciate the beauty and moments around me. Even in the most ordinary.

Richard Freeman Talks on Mula Bandha


Richard Freeman talks about the deeper, more subtle aspects of the elusive, mula bandha. 



In the stillness of the mind I saw myself as I am - unbound.
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj 

Been out in no man's land for the month of Feb, figuratively. It always takes a month to readjust after trips to India. The longer the trip sometimes the longer the adjustment. Over the years I've learned how to re-enter with more awareness and hopefully with a semblance of grace. It isn't really all that bad. I packed in a fair amount of work for when I arrived back so I got myself up to speed rather quickly. Probably better to slowly ease in, but it couldn't be helped after we were delayed arriving back home. Now March is here!. More light, even though still cold, makes a huge difference in terms of morale. I'm always astonished by this. I used to find it strange when Swedes would bask in the sunlight, eyes closed, head raised skyward, whenever there would be even a tiny ray of light available. Let's just say, I understand. I bask, but not in anyone's view, hahaha. It's like being thirsty, dying for a drink of water, but in terms of needing sunlight. I just don't think I could hack an entire winter here. Like I said before it's not really the cold, it's the lack of light that can be a challenge.

Though I didn't go into full fledged winter blues I felt more raw this winter than pervious interludes, and that's really the best way to describe it. I can only imagine what it would have been like if I didn't travel to India. I know, I sound soft. I definitely felt it in practice. Sometimes during, I would feel as if being skinned alive. Raw. Strange feeling, I know. It sounds intense but I can't really say it was intense like an overwhelming feeling but more like something slowly creeping up on me. This raw feeling would follow me through out the day. Sensitive to others energies in a way that had a different texture and quality. See I'm not really intellectual in my intuitions. When I have a hunch, it will come to me in a feeling that I can only describe as you would a cashmere sweater or sand paper.

Strange things have been going on with my back and it literally varies from one day to the next. So in that sense, my attention can't afford to waver. Leaving nothing to chance. The best way to describe it is I literally have a thorn in my side (right lower back). I have inklings as where this stems from on various levels. I'm gonna have to tune into the subconscious. Maybe there is something there. Maybe not. Ha! There always is.

Types of Vinyasa in Ashtanga Yoga


This is a great video. Very informative in regards to the nuances of the various vinyasas in the Ashtanga yoga practice explained by the well known Finnish teacher, Petri Räisänen. Not to be controversial, there seems to be few minute differences after just coming back from Mysore, but what do I know, haha. It's up for debate, nonetheless, a great tutorial. 

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