How Yoga Found Me


Such a lovely thoughtful sharing by my dear friend Kira from Jamaica. I am sure many of you out there can relate to how yoga found you. It has a way of subtly taking a hold of us. Thank you, Kira! 

Toronto, Canada

Traveling to Tronto to share the practice with the AYCT community was really inspiring. AYCT you say? Otherwise know as, Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto, well, if you haven't heard this is where one of the largest Mysore practice communities resides outside of Mysore, India. Yeah, really amazing. With 100+ practitioners daily and somedays close to 150, let's just say there is a multitude of tapas being burned in one room, haha. Gotta love it. The owner and director of AYCT is David Robson, and the one heading the Mysore program. So if you find yourself traveling to Toronto this is the place to go.

In the Spring we'll have the pleasure of hosting David Robson at Yogayama, as he leads a 7-day immersion for teachers and established students of the practice of Ashtanga yoga. During this course learning the traditional Sanskrit count with be covered, anatomy, adjustments for the postures of Primary series, and everything else in between. I'll be posting details of the schedule very soon!

Building Community through Yoga


Russel Simmons always has interesting things to say. This is such important work, but we must start with ourselves. 

Athens, Greece

Ahhh. Well, this is embarrassing. I find myself recapping past events that have already happened. No matter, I get the chance to relive some great times, and let me tell you, it has been great. I've been counting my blessings. Sharing the practice of Ashtanga yoga has been, and continues to be, a labor of love. In no way do I consider myself an expert. It seems crazy in many ways because I am constantly learning. Where there is learning there is growth. Once that stops, and once I think 'I know it all' stagnation comes. I am simply someone who loves this practice and all that it entails. I want to jump into the ocean (with a running start) of unknowing. The mystery of it. It's so vast. All of it. It continues to fascinate on a daily basis. What more can I say?! As cliché as it sounds, when steeped in the journey, nothing is sweeter, than settling into our daily existence, evermore present, and at the same time, expanding into our unlimited potential. An adventure! Learning. Loving. Learning . . . loving . . . and so on, repeat.

Greece. Wow. What a place. I know it has made the news with some of the economic issues present, but it seems to be everywhere. The amazing thing about Greece is the warm-hearted spirit of it's people.  The Greeks take you in and hold you tight, talking with their hands, passionate, and so alive! It's a beautiful thing. I was even lucky to have great weather while there too.  Hopefully, the country will be able to hammer out some of it's economic issues in the future. It's a country of many riches and I am not necessarily talking in the material.


 The fabulous beaches of Greece



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