Practice today was normal...which was fireworks or anything. But, something must have shifted because I felt such a strong sense of peace today...a subtle underlying sense of peace...and just observing it...I was like wow...this is pretty is nice. It just feels good. The thing is too...I have had the pleasure of being inspired by others. Whether its just their presence or something that has been said that strikes me at the right time...I dunno...Its an amazing thing to be receptive...just to be receptive to whatever is brought up to the surface. I have had the opportunity to do as such...I had a massage yesterday with Kumar...who works the body physically but also picks up on emotional connections in the body. The interesting thing is he brought up the exact same issue that another body worker brought to my attention...some of you may know Lisbeth in Columbus. I just sat there with my mouth hmmmmm...I need to really address coincidences right. Amazing, how you think your over something but it still gets stuck...this incidence was something significant in my childhood. Something that until now I finally connected into something tangible that I can really start to feel and understand. I get this crazy sense that I just want my soul to be torn something is about to explode inside into a brilliance that only I can understand or may make no sense...but I feel it...and I have felt it bubbling for about eight months...and it just may pop sometime soon. I mean...we are so much more than what happens to us...right? We are so much more than we can ever verbally explain...Its the power that we share that can be the most frightening of all...but it doesn't have to be...not anymore. I may not seem like it when reading the newspaper...or watching the evening news (crap)...but there is no better time to be alive than right here...right now. A wise person once told me that "we are the ones' we have been waiting for..."
So with that being said...tomorrow is a moon day...I just might get a little silly tonight...Its a full things just might get down right stupid...He!he!he! Peace.

Pura Vida Spirit..."Pure Spirit"


I have been lucky enough to come across a word...or a saying that from now on I would like to embrace. Pura Vida...a Costa Rican saying meaning experiencing the best life...its about friendship, relaxation, flirting, happiness and fun...about having a beautiful for life. This is a way of being...a place we should all easily be able to relax into. My only question is why does it seem so hard at times?? Does it have to? Can we live in this state for most of our lives?? If our natural state is joy and happiness...then shouldn't it be an easy goal to attain. So...what stands in the way? I can't speak for anyone else but for me...but its my freakin' head...that gets in the way! If I just started living more through my heart instead of my great would that be. I am finally realizing that there is no better way to live than that place. Deep in the heart. Because it never lies...its true...its truthful...its genuine. However, I guess I can't fault the part of myself that has been has served me at one point...and there is no point in beating oneself over the silly things we do...not to feel...many times we do all we can...not to go there...and to really express that true part of ourselves...even if it is painful. So...I think...I'm ready...ready to jump...!! Live and Let Live...right?! Freedom...that is what I seek...its about the dance...that's less.

So, life in India...I honestly can't complain...about anything...I absolutely love it. I know I sound like a broken record, but its true. The everyday is so really does not have to be so complicated...and I have been inspired on many levels since landing here. What I do with this inspiration...we'll see what comes of it... coming along. Last few practices I have really been seeing Sharath's eyes on me...I'm telling you...he doesn't miss a beat. He hasn't given me much verbal or physical adjustments...but I am still getting everything I need some how. I feel like my practice has really strengthened even more...on a subtle level that is. And, somehow I am able to just let my practice go when I'm done. I am just enjoying the dance. No grasping...just enjoying my breath...enjoying the movement my body expresses with each less. Peace.

8 Random Things


Tagged...Here we go...

1. My name (Laruga) literally means...Dawn of a New Day...weird...the meaning of my name fits right in with my numerology and astrology readings...but again...its not coincidences...right?!

2. I embrace differences because of my background...being part South American Indian, African, Czechoslovakian, Irish, and English...I have to rely on more than just my race...Contrast makes life more colorful.

3. I am more afraid of commitment then I would like to admit...

4. Freedom is what I am after...across all areas.

5. I am fiercely loyal to those I love and care about.

6. My legs are way too long for body and India native said I had an Indian build...hmmmm...whatever that means.

7. I may seem cool...calm and collected on the outside...but my wheels are always turning on the inside...I take everything in.

8. I have a bad case of wanderlust...I would much rather be traveling than be at home...I don't mind airports either...I love the feeling of going somewhere new.

"...I was thinking about another kind of river, one that runs through every one of us, no matter where we come from, all over the world. Its the river of the heart's desire. Its pure, essential truth of what each one of us is, and can achieve. All my life I'd been a fighter. I was always ready, too ready, to fight for what I loved, and against what I deplored. In the end, I became the expression of that fight, and my real nature was concealed behind a mask of menace and hostility. The message of my face and my body's movement was, like that of a lot of other hard men, "don't fuck with me." In the end, I became so good at expressing the sentiment that the whole of my life became the message."
-excerpt of Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

Lately I have been distracted...with other things...with a certain someone...someone who I feel is I will leave it at that....for the sake of not going off the deep end...not that I am holding back...but I am just soaking this one feelings that is...Peace.

"...One of the reasons why we crave love, and seek it so desperately, is that love is the only cure for loneliness, and shame, and sorrow. But some feelings sink so deep into the heart that only loneliness can help you find them again. Some truths abut yourself are so painful that only shame can help you live with them. And somethings are just so sad that only your soul can do the crying for you..."
-excerpt from Shantaram, Gregory David Roberts

...Soul has no culture. The soul has no nations. The soul has no color or accent or way of life. The soul is forever. The soul is one. And when the heart has its moment of truth and sorrow, the soul can't be stilled.
-excerpt from Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

Slow and Steady


Patience is one of those virtues that must be cultivated while staying in India. If your an impatient person by nature this may be the perfect training ground for that. I've come to realize in the States how fast things come...there is so much instant gratification...but something gets lost somehow when things come so fast...I don't know what it is exactly...but its just isn't as enjoyable if we are racing through life at lightening speed.
By nature, I have always been a fast walker...on the move. But, after being here for about 3 weeks that has totally went away. I stroll...Ha!ha! I haven't done that in a long time. This morning we were running a bit late for practice and we had to pick up the pace to make it to the Shala...and it felt so strange and foreign to walk fast...and I'm's happened to me! I just hope I can keep that presence with me when I go home. Just because the rest of the world is racing around...doesn't mean I have to follow suit. Even with the vigorous practice of Ashtanga yoga I have taken my practice as if I am a connoisseur of it. Acting as if each asana is a morsel to be experienced and deepened...and ahhhhhh...what a wonderful way to approach the approach life. Even though the series is the same sequence every time...the depth one can go is like a bottomless well...there is always something more...something more to uncover. It never ends...and why would we want it to...we are here to learn...grow and expand with each passing day...hopefully filling that space we have created with more love, compassion and most of all peace...Namaste.



Today, being Friday, practice was lead Primary Series...but it was a very special day...because Guruji came down after class for the first time after being ill. Unexpectedly, I was flooded with emotion...and my heart was truly moved. Sarawati was helping him walk into the office so he could sit at his desk...and she beamed with joy and happiness. She simply said "Guruji is here," as she touched her heart. It wasn't exactly what she said, but how she said it...all of this really got to me. Once, everyone in the shala noticed he was in his office, of course, we all wanted to pay our respects. Everyone lined up outside the office. Let me just say what a presence he has. Some commented on the weight he had lost...but he looked so happy. There is a light ...and aura that surrounds him. Not only do you see it...but you feel it...which is much more powerful...more true...when you feel it in your heart. He looked beautiful...with a true face of a yogi...smiling ear to ear...smiling with his eyes...and that smile never seems to cease. I was touched and taken by the moment. This was more than I could ask for...and to be able to say thank you...just to simply say thank you to a man who...without knowing him on a personal level has so positively changed the course of my life with his unwavering commitment to this powerful practice of yoga...I will forever remember the first time I met Guruji. Peace.

Live and Let Live


"The simple and astonishing truth about India and Indian people is that when you go there, and deal with them, your heart always guides you more wisely than your head. There's nowhere else in the world where that's quite so true."
-An excerpt from Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

I have come across a most fascinating book while in India. The Aussie (a bloke I've met here in Mysore) was telling me about it and allowed me to borrow a copy of his so I can read it. The book is called Shantaram, and if you haven't heard of it yet...definitely check it out. Its about one man's plight and journey in and around Bombay, India. Its a true story. I'll just leave it at that... Don't be intimidated about the nearly 1000 pages will hook you from the first page on. I guarantee it.
Yesterday, a group of us met for drinks at the Southern Star Hotel...since we were off the next day for the new moon. The group being me, Elle (friend from Thailand), the Englishman, and the Aussie. I use these names just for anonymity's sake. First, everything they say about a drunk Australian is true! I say that with humor...its not necessarily a bad thing. We all had a great time. Elle has been great...she is extremely honest and has an abundance of energy...which are great qualities in a friend...we have gotten along really well. She doesn't take her yoga practice too seriously...which is refreshing...and she doesn't hide the fact that she doesn't like something or someone. You just can't fault have to respect someone for being genuine...and its not like she is being harsh or mean...she is just being who she faking. The Englishman,( is the other tenant in Shakti House, where I stay. We have really gotten to know each other well...and I enjoy his company. He has done so much in his life and really lives by a high moral code. However, he is just a big softie inside. I like giving him a hard time...we have fun with each other. The Aussie is this ex-rugby player who has taken to Ashtanga yoga, and is definitely a man's man. Pretty darn Australian...through and through. However, he is so chill and has a great personality...and a good perspective of life.
One thing I am beginning to realize is how life in the States can be so isolating. We really think we are the only act going on in the world. That is just how I feel. After meeting so many people from other places and countries...they seem to have more of a global view on things and it is soooo refreshing. I have come to the realization that I really want to live out of the U.S for a sustained period of time at some point. Its not that I am dissing my home country...because it will always be my home...but it I feel it isn't only something that I want to do...but something that I must do. Peace.

Work the Practice...Practice the Work


"The 'secret' of life that we are all looking for is just this: to develop through sitting and daily life practice the power and courage to return to that which we have spent a lifetime hiding from, to rest in the bodily experience of the present moment--even if it is a feeling of being humiliated, of failing, of abandonment, of unfairness."
-Charlotte Jako Beck

Practice today compared to yesterday, was like night and day. Instead of feeling like a got hit by a truck (yesterday) I felt light as a feather. That is what daily, consistent practice brings...a whole gamut of stuff...sometimes we feel, heavy and weak, sometimes we feel strong, sometimes we feel like nothing hurts...other times everything hurts. That is just life. There are always ups and downs...the key is how we react to them. We decide...because its always a be in a state of grace...or do we resist and push against? For every circumstance the day brings weather joy or sorrow...there is a lesson to be learned...there is a chance for growth and expansion. Of course, I am still learning these lessons...and my daily practice at the shala has been very interesting. Like for instance today I was a little put out because I was placed right by the door...where all the traffic moves in and out...and a drafty cool breeze comes in. These little annoyances are good...its good to be out of one's element...its good to be a bit uncomfortable at times...then I can see if the yoga is really working. Thankfully, once I was started breathing and moving...nothing else mattered. This has been the theme of my life this year thus far...go to those places that are not so comfortable...and see what comes of may not be so bad. I just may be better for it. Peace.

Hot Times in the City


"The everyday practice is simply to develop a complete acceptance and openness to all situations and emotions, and to all people, experiencing everything totally without mental reservations and blockages, so that one never withdrawals or centralizes into oneself.
-Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

What a learning experience is has been being this far from home already. For one, I have never met so many people from all over the world in one time as I have here...and it proves how alike we all really connected we separation...and it makes me wonder how the world can be so divided too. I mean, we all want the same things right?...essentially to be happy, to love and to be loved, to feel freedom. It has been so interesting. The other day I met an older gentleman from Iraq who was visiting his son at the university. We had a wonderful conversation...and he couldn't of been more kind and gracious. Of course, he asked me if I liked George Bush. I simply replied that he wasn't my favorite president...he laughed at me. We continued to have a pleasant conversation...talking a little on politics but that proved to be boring and mundane after while...soon things shifted to the good things in life. I was amazed how much dignity and grace this gentleman had...and he seemed truly happy...never being negative at all toward me or where I was from. Pretty cool. Life can be so simple if we allow it.
Yesterday, my new friend and I did some serious sightseeing...we were on a mission! First we went out to Karanji Lake. It was very peaceful out there...nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of Mysore for a bit. After that we had our auto-rickshaw driver take us up Chamundi Hill...which is one of the eight scared hills of India. It was very crowded...being it was Saturday. I was surprised that the place was inundated with monkeys!! I hear they can be quite aggressive at times...but today the seemed to be having a good...very peaceful. I took lots of pictures of the temple...there must of been several hundred people waiting in line to get in...I decided to make my visit inside another day. However, the view of Mysore a top the hill was spectacular! You could see just about everything up there. Afterwards, we ventured out to one of Mysore's palaces...and you'll have to excuse me for a forgot the name to the place. It was a beautiful building...they just don't make'em like they used to! Of course, to top it off we did more shopping! Good grief!!
Practice this morning was another led class. I don't know what was going on with me but after practice I was exhausted...very tired. Hamstrings were unusually sore again. However, Tim did tell me that in Mysore first month, tired...second month, pain...third month, flying! Looks like there will be a challenging few months ahead. Today, tired...very tired. Peace.

Monkey Business


Well...Let's just say I have been slacking a bit with my blog...missing several days of entries...but that doesn't mean I haven't been doing much. I been out exploring more...experiencing Mysore...adventuring out of Gokolum...seeing the sights. Not to worry though, I am still a yoga bum. I am very proud of that. I just wasn't doing a good job of it the last several I am wiped out. That good tired you get from feeling like you experienced something new!
Also, since being here I have had a bit of digestive issues. I won't go into detail...but food hasn't been sticking to me all that much. I've lost a few lbs...but I still feel healthy. I have just tried to back off on some of the spicy foods...even though I love it. However, things have leveled off...stomach is feeling so much better today.
Along with yoga practice...I enrolled in a Sanskrit reading, writing, and chanting class at AYRI. We meet 3x's a week, and that has been enjoyable. Might as well learn as much as I can while I am here. I met a bloke (I had to say that) from Australia who knows someone who teaches copoeria too...I will be checking into that while I am here as well.
So, I thought the fact that I am far from the States that my shopping addiction would subside while in India. WRONG. I love it. I have been going a little overboard and its only been over a week since I have been here. I really need to pace myself...and my money! I am sure the novelty of it will wear off at one point. However, I promised today that I am done for at least a month. I mean I have bought clothes (Fabindia...I highly recommend), jewelry, pashminas.....books...I gotta stop. Seriously.
Me and my friend from Thailand did some dead serious sight seeing in and around Mysore...which I will go into detail in my next entry...its getting late and I need to be up at 4:00am for yoga class. Peace.

"A human being is a part of the whole called by us 'the universe,' a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separate from the rest--a kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening the circle of understanding and compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."
-Albert Einstein

Today, I don't have much to comment on...but to express gratitude. After practice today I was overwhelmed by I sat in padmasana. Seeing the chair that Guruji sits in right before me...I couldn't help but to feel his feel his presence. This place is such a big part of him...and it is amazing to witness how many people he has touched with his legacy. It gives me the inspiration to carry on and live my dream...with love and compassion. Peace.

Yoga Bum


This has been fabulous. The last several days I have totally turned into a yoga bum. Something I have always dreamed of...because much of my life has been go! go! go! Well this really isn't the place to do that. Even if I tried. Especially with the days leading up to my trip...I completely stressed myself out with everything. So, I am giving myself permission to unwind. No expectations, no plans (except to make morning yoga), no doing, doing, doing. I wish I had all these adventures, and escapades to talk about, but I would be making it up...that will come later ;) There will be plenty of time for all of that.
Yoga this morning was delightful. My hamstrings were a bit sore, but nothing that couldn't be worked out. I continue to do primary, which is to be expected, and may be all I do my next 3 months here. We'll see how it goes. The ritual of getting up before the sun, walking to the shala, practicing, drinking coconut water afterwards, and taking rest has been really enjoyable. Simple pleasures. Then after taking a short nap after practice I eat breakfast...which takes about an hour to two hours. Believe me this has been completely foreign to me...but I love it. I could possibly live this way forever.
Many yoga students that I have run into seem to have a similar story. I have already met some who have all of their belongings in a storage I am definitely not alone in my plight. It is so freeing and inspiring to hear someone say..."I may stay here for a couple months or so...and we'll see what happens...maybe I'll jump over to Thailand for a bit...maybe I'll travel up north." I like the idea of being more free spirited and making time to see more of the world...getting out of the bubble. I really feel this trip will be a jumping off point for me to see more possibilities in my life...and that is really exciting. Peace.

The Journey


"We don't know all the reasons that propel us on a spiritual journey,
but somehow our life compels us to go.
Something in us knows that we are not just here to toil at our work.
There is a mysterious pull to remember." -Jack Kornfield

This morning was the first day of Mysore style practice since the shala reopened. There are about roughly 60 registered students here and a total of a 100 are to be expected from what I hear. So, practice times are staggered. I was scheduled for 5:45am...but I made sure I arrived 15 minutes early...because AYRI time is always 15 minutes ahead...again this is something that I picked up from someone else. I just do my best to follow along, because I am clueless! No doubt. The main room was packed and filled with steam...from all the tapas being burned! I sat and waited in the sitting area to wait for a space to open up. It didn't take long even though there were several others ahead of me. All you do is wait until you hear Sharath or Sarawati shout "one more!!"...while a student quickly moves on into the main room to fill the spot. Its really amusing! I love it. It doesn't take much.
Practice was great. The room was already so warm when I arrived that I felt little resistance in my body. The ujjai breath that filled the room helped to make it feel like the room its self was breathing. It made so easy just to get into that space...and flow. I have no complaints. Again, I am just glad to be here...right now.
Living in Mysore or Gokolum really, which is an of shoot of the city, takes some getting used to. Obviously, life here is very different from what I am used to. However, I am really loving it. I love the climate. It seems to do me well. Tropical climates do me well. I love it. There is a quaintness here that is so special and something that isn't often experienced in the states. Also, I love that I get to walk to many places. Back in Columbus it is hard to survive without a car. Which is too bad. We always have metal and steel that separates us from day to life vs. mixing things up and interacting with one another more often. Peace.

Taking it In...


So far I am enjoying Mysore quite nicely! I feel like I am finally settling...taking everything in one moment at a time. I do need to pace myself however, since I will be here for 3 months. No need to rush and try to do everything at once. Sleep is still a little off...but it gets better and better with each passing day. I have already met some very interesting people from all over the world...which is to be expected. However, the Americans I have met don't seem to be too found of our country...but, I haven't met everyone. The other yoga student who rents from where I am staying is from England. I am so easily amused by him, especially when he says brilliant, bloke, or rubbish! Doesn't take much to get me tickled over it. He was kind enough to walk me to AYRI to get registered and everything my first full day here.
Last Friday I met a trio of girls who are from Thailand while I was having dinner at Anu's, which is a fabulous place
to eat here in Gokolum catering to yoga students. I am not sure how it happened but they talked me into going to a dance club. First off, I had no idea there was any type of night life here...that was a bit of a surprise. So, the next thing I know I am on the back of one of those dreadful motorscooters that I swore I would never get on. I white-knuckled it the whole way there, hanging on for dear life. It wasn't that I didn't trust the driver....I just don't trust the other drivers on the road. Driving doesn't make sense here. Again, there just isn't much adherence to traffic regulations. However, I am told that not many accidents happen. Interesting. So, this dance place was a scream. It had all the decor anyone would see in a club in the states...and they played decent music...I had no idea! Kind a funny. Some drank cocktails...but, I didn't...I was still trying to pull myself out of dehydration from travel and getting used to the heat. But it was a good time...I met some very nice people there.
Saturday, I did a bit of shopping with my house mate...wandering around the area. It was a good relaxing worries.
Practice this morning...lead primary again. Sharath opened the gates a bit later than normal. Of course there was already a decent group of students patiently waiting when I arrived. Like I said before...a motivated bunch! Not uncommon for Ashtangis! I was warned before hand that some can get pretty territorial about their spot in the shala. So I just went straight to the back...(don't want to make waves) where I am in the room is the very least of my worries in life and practice. I'm just glad to be here. Practice felt so much better vs. Friday because I felt like I inhabited my body this time. I didn't realize students would be stopped in a lead class...while they just sit and wait for finishing postures. Interesting approach. I had no idea this was done in a lead class...only in Mysore class. Interesting. However, I squeezed by without being stopped...we'll see how it goes when Mysore starts tomorrow.
So far everything has been great! Its the life ya know...get up do yoga, then drink out of a coconut! Thats all I have to worry about everyday for the next 3 months. Love it!

I'm Finally Here


I made it to India! I made it to Mysore. I still can't believe I am here. After having wanted to come here for a long time...I have only been here for roughly a night and two days and it seems that much time has passed. Let me just back up for a moment. On Wednesday evening 5:15pm I touched down in Bangalore International Airport. Let's just say that for a city of this size there was only one working baggage it took a while to get the luggage. Then a trolley quickly...I don't know how it happened takes my bags and walks me out the airport. Some how he swindles me out of 500 rupees. Just a tip...Never tell anyone its your first time here! No matter, you live and learn. When I reserved a taxi...I was instructed to look for my name one a sign board just outside. I walked out and I swear there were over 100 sign boards starring at me and that's a conservative estimate!! If I wouldn't have been totally out of my mind I might have freaked out...but I swear I was so tired that a bomb could of gone off 10 feet in front of me and I wouldn't have flinched. Luckily, I found my driver and we were off...but not quite...because the traffic in Banagalore is INSANE! Some how there is a method to the madness. But, oh my! I have never seen anything like it! There seems to be absolutely no attention paid to any type of traffic laws or regulations that one sees in the States...And the honking is constant...people play their horns like instruments here. Its a sight to see...and of course, with in all the mix of cars, autorickshaws, and motorcycles...every once in a while you can see a cow chillin' in all the traffic (cows are sacred here) ...I saw a camel too!! Amazing! It took about 3 hours to get to Mysore...however I swear half of that time was just getting out of the Bangalore craziness. The whole drive I was in and out of consciousnesses...after while all the honking didn't faze me.
I stayed one night at the Green Hotel...I don't think a shower ever felt so good! The staff offered me dinner...but literally I was so delierious that I refused...I couldn't wait to crash. The next day I was able to check into Shakti House, where I will be staying for the remainder of my 3 month stay. I couldn't be happier with it. My room is large and spacious, I have my own bathroom...its a very nice place. Later, I was able to register at AYRI...the shala is awesome...not exactly what I expected. I had this full circle'm here...finally...I made it! I took my first class the following morning...Lead Primary (Friday)...and the shala was already packed even though I left early. I should have known...being with a group of ashtangis. Always a very enthusiastic bunch! So, I was way in the back...but I couldn't care less...I was here! Hooray!! Practice and all is coming...right?! Peace.

Ready, Set...Go!


Its been a long time since I have posted...for one reason only...I was paralyzed. Not in the physical sense of a deeper sense. Just, to update...during Tim Miller's fabulous workshop I had quite a few valuables stolen from my purse (cellphone, digital camera, iPod, LV clutch...and some damn good lip gloss!)...but the most valuable thing taken was my passport and visa...for my trip to India! I would of traded in more just to have that back at the time. So, after this happened I was seriously in shock, and dismay...what am I gonna do? I felt hopeless...! But that inner voice was like...your gonna make that matter what!
So...of course after this all happened I had to find the meaning behind it. I know...sounds pretty annoying...huh? But, so many things ran through my this a bad omen? What's the lesson? Did I karmicly shit on someone? (I stole that from AY). However, it doesn't have to be that complicated...maybe the lesson is just that...Don't leave your purse unattended!!!! That's a good lesson. But truthfully a couple days before the event I was experiencing alot of doubt about myself...and my journey...and I felt very alone...scared even. I had no inkling of the flood of love and support that was to follow...even now I am in awe by it. It was almost like the universe was showing, are supported, and loved...and your never ever alone. It doesn't have to be that way...
So, in perfect Laruga fashion...I just barely made the skin of my teeth! My passport and visa had to be hand delivered to me at my layover in NYC. Talk about a nail bitter to the very end. Seriously, when I got on my plane in Columbus...I'm sitting back thinking okay! I'm off! Until, I hear the pilot say..."I can't get it to work!" That is something you never want to hear before your getting ready to take of for the blue skies! So, we had to wait for the mechanics to install a part for the pilot's control panel. I'm just sitting there thinking...I gotta make my check point to meet the courier who has my passport between 8:30-9:00am. Of course, I make it to JFK international late! But, not to worry...the courier was kind enough to wait (he better for $200)...It almost felt like some kind of drug deal...anyway...the courier was super nice and he was kind enough to help me make my connection. Bonus!
Right now I am utterly exhausted from the 12 hour flight from NYC to Dubai...for I barely slept a wink...and I think I watched 5 movies straight. Yes! I started with Little Miss Sunshine, then Dream Girls, following The Queen, The Departed, The Holiday, and The Pursuit of Happiness. Omg! That's six!
Just as a side note...Emirates Airlines is first class all the way! The best airline I have ever flown...and their flight attendants don't walk...they glide! Its too much! So I am patiently waiting to make my connection to Bangalore, India...with little or no sleep.
I am stepping into the unknown...and I can't think of anywhere else I would rather be!!! Peace!


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