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Anonymous said...

miss Sunrise,
Blog-Troll Reaction Day. ;)

the blog: the place where never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few.

Global Warming!!!

Do your own research.

Dismantle your tent.

Anonymous said...

another perspective

Shnizen Older ;)... about the nature of reality.

Some people think they perceive the "static" world. Others think they are perceiving an objective reality, that, which they are projecting as an image
in the world of their own consciousness. This is somehow interesting view of the reality. According to that view, every image that we see in our consciousness we project from inside ourselves and pretend that we're seeing that image outside.

Miss Sunrise, the repeated question in spiritualism is whether this world exists or not.
What do you think?

peaceloveyoga said...

No. This world does not exist. But, with that being said, I'm 'here', so to speak, because I've yet to true 'see' past the illusion.

Although, my ego does not like this idea, and further makes it uncomfortable.

It's dance and I'm learning. Slowly, but surly.

peaceloveyoga said...

Saw the videos ... Been privy to this type of thinking for a while ... I like what I heard.

However, regarding Global Warming ... I dunno, but what I do know is, that the importance of more sustainability, less pollution/trash, etc. is a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Ah... leave illusion alone... well, Miss Sunrise you are good. :) ok let’s go a little higher... stop creating difference between “you” and the ego. There is no need for that, look: take a string, any string that has something attached to it; hold it in your hand and rotate the string... you will notice that instead of the string you see a circle. Apply this to yourself, the point where you hold the string is “the center of your observation” and the circle you are seeing is “the world”. The ego is that “something” between the world and your center of observation. The ego, never “exist” separately from the seer and the seen.

You are at the spiritual level of the one who is losing human form. Your attempt to do “selfless service” is nothing but your effort to kill the feeling of “me”; and what is the “effort” if not wasting the energy due to incompatible attitudes. It is a high level of attainment and you’re really “saintly” woman because you’ve realized the abstract principle that you need to shed off this “me”.

Now, I’ll give you “unsolicited advice”. So be it.

First, you need to make the string shorter e.g. the “seen” closer to the “center of observation”. Practice slow walking. Walk, 100 m but as slow as you can, 40 to 60 minutes, aha, just 100 m, just barely moving. Don’t stay in the place, but move slooooowlyyyy. Look in the front of you (45 degrees) with “dispersed” attention; see up, down, left and right; try not to blink but be natural, maintain “soft” eyes. Don’t worry about unusual behaviour in public place; you will notice that others don’t see you. Practice this once a day. Second, in meditation, remember the description of the string and the “circle”. All is happening at once - the holding of the string, the string movement and the circle. So, it is grievous mistake to maintain observer in meditation. The mind calms down and it watches on “happenings”. That is done by very smart mind, it quiets itself down just to be watcher. The kind of “bliss” is created by such mind but that is not what you are looking for. So don’t do that. Don’t hold the watcher of the mind. Don’t hold the string. Release it. You will know that you’re doing right meditation when there is no effort. When you release all your effort of holding the string -that is the meaning of “letting go”, the circle will disappear, but you stay. That is your real self. Only real self dissolves ego. Tip: to quiet the mind in meditation put the attention in the eyes, the attention should be out of the head; thoughts comes from the eyes and they are “reflected” in the retina of the eyes which is inside the head (so it appears that thoughts are in the head); maintain “soft” look and let the each eye see for itself. It will take some time to master this, (the first practice – slow walking will help you); do this without any effort. If you don’t get it at first, there is no need to strain the eyes. Remember, your practice, at this level, must be done effortlessly.

Do you have any question?

Anonymous said...

Omg. I read Owl’s current post and she is right. This practice here is for you Miss Sunrise and it is applicable for you only. It does not matter if you want to practice it or not. That’s up to you. But know, the slow-walking practice should be done not more then 5 times. Other people who read this comment should not attempt this practice. I don’t know you guys. This practice is a serious and devastating thing to the common “every-day” state of consciousness and it requires supreme technique of concentration. We have identified our breathing with the thoughts. In this practice the first thing experienced is the inability to breath. So only those who have already dis-identified their thoughts with breathing should practice this. I believe that Sunrise has done that.

Miss Sunrise, the best thing is to delete my previous comment. Please, just delete it. I don’t want any confusion.

peaceloveyoga said...

Well, I'm already confused. Walking meditation resonates with me ... however, are you being sarcastic about the previous post or serious, I can't make it out.

Hahaha. Silly me.


Anonymous said...

Sunrise, don’t be confused!!! Always do what you feel and not what others say. :) I’m never serious. I try not to attach myself to words, and encourage you and others to do the same. But let talk about words.

Words are not here before I write them, then after clicking on submit button, they are here on your blog, but after the comment is read for the first time, the words disappear and after that what is left is the meaning of the words. And that is what most people see. I strongly advise you to discard the apparent meaning of the words and imbibe the implied meaning.

The group of words like: “maintain ‘soft’ look and let the each eye see for itself” also has the apparent meaning which you have to discard and fully understand the hidden implied meaning. Words are experienced by senses; the meaning of the words is experienced by thought process; but the implied meaning is abstract, it is just direction. Use this implied meaning as a carrier of your attention only. Implied meaning is not really understanding but a silence of our Being. Eventually, even the implied meaning has to be left in order that yoga takes it’s natural place.

peaceloveyoga said...

Ah. Is that all. Ok. Now I'm totally clear, lol.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I feel frustration… then Sunrise, we have to step back. The “implied meaning” is the simplest thing in the world but at the same time, it is the most difficult thing because you’re trying to understand it. It can not be understood.

Practice, practice and all is coming… You are already there, but you must practice because you don’t believe it yet…

Ignorant ignorance :)))

peaceloveyoga said...

Hahahaha. Very funny. I have my ebbs and flows.

My only question was were you being sarcastic or not, but now I'm getting a sense what you're about.

yes, even my own ignorant little mind is getting it. Hee, hee.


Anonymous said...

... let’s continue… you need aha-moment… one after another… until you’re left without any doubt about your real self.

You’re sitting at your place reading this on the screen. There is a feeling that your attention flows from the head, through the eyes and then you are aware of the words on the screen. Stop for the moment now and recognize this fact… Well, my Sunrise that feeling is illusion. It is wrong knowledge and it is the cause of our wrong attitude toward ourselves and the world. That feeling, that you’re center of observation is invalid. You may ask now: “but how this is possible, the feeling is here, it is here I‘m feeling it.” Exactly! The feeling is there but you never paid attention that the feeling itself is felt by something other than “feeling” – illusion is here or there and it appears on the self.

Take a peace of paper and make a hole in the paper. The hole should be small, make it with small needle. Now, when you have done that, keep the paper in vertical position and just observe. [Go directly to “implied meaning” of these words.] Observe the space (the air) in your room, around the paper and the small hole in the paper. Observe it with your sense of existence. Up until now that “feeling” of existence was based on your assumption that you are the center of observation, now slowly move your assumption in to the air. In actuality, your observation comes from the air. The opening in the paper is just opening, it is part of the paper and at the same time it is not the paper. [Here is the answer of that bullshit philosophical question of the “one and many”.]

Note: On physical level, the opening is inside pituitary gland; the paper is not only your body, but the entire universe. On subtle level, the opening is inside assemblage point; the paper is the collection of unlimited tiny luminous threads. On causal level, the opening is the Knowledge of “I am”, the paper is Ignorance of “I am” or Forgetfulness.

Instead having the feeling that you are center of observation, by looking at this paper and the opening in it, move your feeling in the space or air around “the center”. Have a feeling that your “I” is the space where your body and all visible (the world) and invisible (emotions, ideas, thoughts) things are placed. Have a feeling that your “I” is just Existence. Stay there, right now stay there. [That is the change of attitude that I mention in the first comments, please re-read it if necessary].


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