New Moon


"Miracles come to those who appreciate the miraculous nature of all life and surrender to the experience of it. The creator will amaze you every now and then with spectacular exceptions to ordinary reality, but only to get your attention. Never will He dazzle you in order to separate you from the miraculous potential within all reality. This is because miracles bring fulfillment to reality --not a diminishment of it."

(excerpt from Love Without End, by Glenda Green)

This book I'm reading right now is blowing my mind in all the right ways. Actually, it is one out of 3 books I'm reading. I have a crazy habit of reading several books at a time. I like to have something on hand that is mystical in nature, along with a nonfiction, and a fiction...having a taste of all three categories quenches my thirst cerebrally. Anyways...its not very often that a book comes along that starts to change my life...or at least change my view on life. However...I must say somethings come along at just the right time when one is ready. Maybe I'm ready...maybe I'm not.

With my mind and heart expanding in every direction, and at the same time life starts to become more simple...I'm beginning feel a comfort that I haven't experienced before in many ways. Though it is important to remember that I could read a million books and have memorized them word for word...nevertheless, if I don't put into practice what resonates within my heart I will never really 'know'...However, with a simple shift within my heart...everything seems as it should be.

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