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"Do not believe those who tell you that you must change the world. It is easy to see that such attempts have always brought temporary results at best. Change your mind about the world. See the world as an extension of your mind. Find peace and love within and it will automatically project itself outward into the world."
He stepped out the door and I followed him.
"The second part, 'but find it everywhere,' refers to this shift. This is the miracle of enlightenment. When you seek peace where it is, within, then you find it everywhere, even in the world. When you seek peace where it is not, or outside, then it is nowhere to be found. When you find the peace within, you are able to see the truth..."

(excerpt from Emissary of Light, by James F. Twyman)

As this year begins to wind down...I feel something new emerging from the depths of my soul. Its time. Am I up for the challenge? I hope so. However, this time around it won't be me trying to make something happen or trying to control...I'm connecting to something larger than myself...where the true power is...

Moving forward I have been blessed with new insights and wisdom that have come my way by true grace. There is an excitement that comes when I feel that I am learning and I look forward to more growth and learning. Its all an amazing process...How the pieces of the puzzle start to fit together.

When I sit back and observe I am amazed at what has developed. To feel this love that I have felt...all I can say is that I'm left speechless and inspired beyond comprehension. What I'm feeling is incredible...I'm sincerely thankful to have witnessed and been a part of the only thing that is real and that is love...

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