Once I said to God, "How do you teach us?"

And He replied,

you were
playing chess with someone who
had infinite power and infinite knowledge
and wanted to make you a
master of the

where would all the chess
pieces be at every

Indeed, not only where he wanted them,
but where all were best for your

and that is every situation
of one's

~St. John of the Cross

Practiced today because I missed practice Sunday. Yeah...I like to get my 6 days in for the week...unless of course there is a moon day. It does my body does my mind good.

Had a fairly intense practice...kept myself moving. I love the feeling when the body begins to tire and all that is left is taking the focus to movement of prana...and strong connection to the bandhas. I find when I get to this point that a magical alchemy begins and everything lines up perfectly and flows just so. That is how I know that this practice isn't just about the physical...other things happen...I love it...its sooooo cool. Just plug in and observe what develops. Sometimes I feel as if its not me doing the work...its almost like something else takes over as if in a trance...and all I have to do is enjoy the ride. How nice.

So...what does my heart say right now? Its says expand in every direction. Don't set limits. It says enjoy! Its says laugh and experience the joys of life. Its says to serve...and to love. I'm beginning to simplify...and realize what matters and what is most important.

There hasn't been much shifting and movement that has taken place on the external level for me. But, boy, all that has happened on the inside has been such a revelation. That is definitely where it all has to start there. Now, I can look out, and see everything with new eyes. Even though there is still much that is unknown...I'm finding that the unknown is becoming a more comfortable place for me.

Wow! This is huge...

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