The Snake


In My Soul

my soul
there is a temple, a shrine, a mosque, a church
where I kneel.

Prayer should bring us to an altar where no walls or names exist.

Is there not a region of love where the sovereignty is
illumined nothing,

where ecstasy gets poured into itself
and becomes

where the wing is fully alive
but has no mind or

my soul
there is a temple, a shrine, a mosque,
a church

that dissolve, that
dissolve in


I woke up this morning suddenly out of a dream that was so unbelievably vivid, almost frightening, but significant somehow....It left me pondering the meaning, of which, only I can begin to discover. However, for some of those who read my blog, and have some experience with dream interpretation I would welcome and love any and all feedback. my dream I'm in a fenced in area for some reason, and there are a few others inside of no significance that I know of. Then...all of a sudden I see the biggest, most vividly colored snake of red, black and yellow, coiled out side the fence...And this massive snake is standing up like a cobra would...but this snake wasn't a cobra. Soon, it makes eye contact with me and my initial reaction is...Oh my God! I gotta get away from this thing. Then it starts to make its way inside the fence, and I sense as the snake makes eye contact with me that its coming right for me...determined. Intuitively, I know that like it or not it was coming in my direction. However, I am completely frightened beyond belief. As I try to get away...the creature keeps shifting, and I feel like I have no where to go as it closes in on me. Before I know it the snake leaps at me getting ready to bite for my upper back, behind the heart as I try to turn and get away...From there I about jump out of my skin and wake up!

I haven't had a dream like this in a long time...and it was strange because this morning I had an anxious a heaviness. As I tried to get through my morning practice I made it about half way and just started many emotions flooded out. I mean, this doesn't happen to me all that often...tears during practice.

So...I'm left wondering...what does it all mean. But, again, sometimes I have a tendency to think too much about this stuff. I dunno. It has been an interesting time.

2 Insightful Comments:

Tracy said...

beautiful poem Laurga~
on dreams...i have amazing dreams every single night...i have stopped trying to figure them out at this point. i just dream and enjoy them....and you had a breakthrough in your yoga practice this morning! Thats a GOOD thing!!
You are evolving and growing so much each and everyday~
So nice too observe...
Blessings friend~

peaceloveyoga said...

Yeah...I just found this poet Rabia recently...and she's a woman!! Amazing story...a sufi...alive 500 years before Rumi even.


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