Showing Up


"The most powerful tool that is in the province of the will is devotion. Thus, it is not just spiritual truth but the degree of one's devotion to it that empowers it to become transformative."

~Transcending the Levels of Consciousness: The Stairway to Enlightenment,
by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

I had the pleasure of practicing with several friends today. Which is a nice change of pace from my usual self-practice with me, my mat, and four walls...However, my body at first did not experience the same pleasure. Its amazing how one day I can move and breathe with little resistance and the next day everything feels a bit tighter...the mind a bit more rigid. But, its days like this that we can really learn to surrender and simply show up. I have found that is the most important part of the practice. It isn't necessarily what posture I'm on or what series I have mastered. Its the daily commitment I make and the aspect of letting go to the process. As we let go...naturally everything comes in due time...many times faster than expected.

I've been in a space of willingness and openness.

I feel very lucky to have the friends and acquaintances that I have. I could never say I have a 'best' friend because each one of them offer something different...and bring a varying color to my life...I feel very blessed to have all these different perspectives. I learn so much from them, and continue to. it has helped me.

The last several weeks I have been experiencing an intense vulnerability which has been another scary place to sit in. But, it has been good. I used to think I had to prove that I was so strong, but exposing the soft parts of ourselves and shedding the walls doesn't mean a lack of strength...not in the least. This is another thing I have had to learn the hard way.

I don't have any crazy plans for New Year's. I think I'm gonna bring in the New Year quietly.

I've had several people randomly tell me that I'm gonna have a good year coming up. Strange. But, I like it. They must see something that I don't see as of yet. I'll take it though...definitely.

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