Seasons In The Mind


Seasons In The Mind

There are seasons in the mind,
great currents, and winds move there,

the true yogi ties a rein to them; a power plant
he becomes.

Winter, spring, summer, fall: these are pages
in a book the advanced can turn to,
and impart.

Order is a great benefit to the seeker,
otherwise living in one's house can become as
walking through a marketplace

where all the merchants keep shouting,
"You owe me."

That does not sound like
much fun,

and who could accomplish anything
in all that


The week went by so fast. I dropped the B.F. at the airport. I was sad and very happy at the same time. My week was filled with more love, connection and happiness than I have ever known. Its an amazing time. We will see each other again very soon...

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