"Dig Here," The Angel Said


"Dig Here," The Angel Said

She caught me off guard when my soul said to me,
"Have we met?"

So surprised I was to hear her speak like that
I chuckled.

She began to sing a tale: "There was once a hardworking man
who used to worry so much because he could
not feed and clothe his children and
wife the way he wanted.

There was a beautiful little chapel in the village
where the man lived and one day while
he was praying, an angel

The angel said, 'Follow me.' And he did out into an ancient forest.
'Now dig here,' the angel said. And the man felt strength in
his limbs he had not known since youth and with just
his bare hands he dug deep and found a
lost treasure, and his relationship
with the world changed."

Finding our soul's beauty does that--gives us
tremendous freedom
from worry.

"Dig here," the angel said--
"in your soul,
in your

~St. John of the Cross

Magic is everywhere. I was so touched by a fellow blogger and friend's (Tracy) story surrounded around a book that has come into both of our lives...named Love Without End, by Glenda Green. I try not to sound too preachy, but this book has changed my life and focus tremendously. I feel sincerely lucky and blessed that it has come my way, and has touched me at the perfect time in my life...when ready to receive many of the truths in the book. For me, everything resonated because while reading I found myself energized, hopeful...and comforted in the beauty we all share and have. And...its funny because its something I began to realize while visiting India...How true wisdom is really centered around the heart. This way of being is something I do my best to continually go back to and it has been fulfilling and simply wonderful. We all know this stuff to our very core...but, it always helps to be reminded, and to then continue to practice it in our day to day lives. I'm still learning...I'm still processing...but delving into the heart is an exciting place to reside. Its so powerful and humbling in the same breath. Feeling the bigness and smallness of who we are is inspiring...and connects us all.

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Tracy said...

here, here...always such beautiful posts! What a connection for sure...
xoxo Tracy


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