Counting Down


It's so funny. The last couple posts I have been writing about practicing being present. Being in the now. Believe me, its something that doesn't come easy for me...but I'm working on it. And, it has really helped me cope with certain things in the last few months. But, I have to admit...I am greatly anticipating seeing my boyfriend this coming Friday. You don't even know. After two and a half months being apart...and both of us having been through quite a bit in that time. There are very few things that could bring me more joy than to see his happy, healthy, shining face after all this time. What is so great is that we have gone through a huge amount of growth since we have been apart and it just feels so good to know I will see him again...and it will be very telling for both of us. I'm amazed that through it all we have prevailed.

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