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If I'm supposed to be the change I want to see in the world...thank you Gandhi for this reminder...I've got alot of work to do. Hahaha. I'm not joking. For some odd reason, I feel a sense of urgency with this. Why wait? Wait for what? The second coming? Don't think so...

We are the second coming. Right now. Today. Now. In this instant.

Yes. It is much easier to take the focus off oneself, and get caught up with what's wrong with the world. So where have we gotten it right? I'm ready to take a look and learn. From the inside, and the outside.

Its interesting, the more I travel around the world, I find that people, for the most part, are really nice...kind...and generous...Imagine that! You don't say!!?

Naturally, we don't get that illustrated in the nightly news. Why is that?

I've become a bit sentimental. Yesterday I said farewell to the students I have closely followed, and guided, while teaching here at Balance Yoga. Tomorrow I head to Taichung. There were tears, and words of thanks. With the translation, I tried to express to them, the best I could, that it was my utmost privilege and honor to be able to work with them. The kindness, and sincerity that has been extended toward me is unexplainable and touches my heart in a way that feels as if it might burst. There is no other way to say it. They have become my family...they have weaved a beautiful pattern into the fabric of my life that I will cherish forever. I leave here changed, from the core of being.

On days when I was tired, sad...or even feeling a bit out of touch...many, genuinely looked me in the eye and wanted to be there for me in the most present and honest way. There is something in the culture here where people don't want you to ever feel alone, or unloved. It's an attitude of... if we aren't gonna make it together than why bother? It is truly touching...and it has opened up a whole new side of me that laid dormant within my soul.

Many students had a way about them where they would unquestionably...without a doubt...with all the trust they had, listen and follow all of my instructions, and guidance...and all I can say is it humbled me in a way where I feel as if I'm walking away learning more from them, than they have learned from me.

What an honor. I bow to them, with a world of thanks resting on my shoulders. I will be back.

With all the love I have. Thank you.

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DMartini said...

"There is something in the culture here where people don't want you to ever feel alone, or unloved"

I love this sentence; I think from this that people over there could be rather similar to people here, in India. Some society bound with love... Pity that we are sooo 'clever' in the west, and maybe forgot something -at least- as important... Nice post! :)

chasing rainbows said...

Wow! You didn't even tell me you were leaving! It seemed to go by so quickly. I may just have to subscribe to your blog :) That was a very lovely epilogue. Thank you for the nice comment on my poem. I just keep waiting for the spark to come and it inevitable does. Good luck and let me know when you have landed!

Peaceloveyoga said...

Yes...I couldn't agree more it is a different feeling in the east vs. the west. A good thing to be aware of.


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