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When they tell you to grow up, they mean stop growing.

~ Tom Robbins

Over the past year, I've of done a fair amount of travel, and remarkably, I've been both fascinated and amazed at the level of interest the world has for the upcoming U.S presidential election. The world is watching.

It's pretty clear that I support Obama. I don't support any one political party, but I do support his vision. I support what he stands for. I support what he represents. The consensus is pretty clear, throughout the rest of the world...its Obama all the way.

What is even more interesting is this. For the most part, people like Americans. The world looks to the U.S. for its innovation, ingenuity, and inspiration. In no way have I talked with someone from a foreign land that wants to see this country fail. Even those I have spoken to from the middle east...(gasp). Yes, many have asked, sincerely, with utmost concern...what is up with your president?...we don't get it?...please, I'd like to understand. Many times, I'm left speechless, because I don't get it either. I've never been a big fan of George W. Bush's policies, but when it comes to the topic of our president, there isn't much I can say, except that I hope we can some day have a more positive standing in the world.

It has been a fortunate pleasure to dialogue with people from all over, gathering a host of varying perspectives on life, love, spirituality, family and human folly. And I have to say, traveling and connecting with people from other countries and cultures has been one of the best things I have ever done and have experienced.

I've learned through our captivating and colorful differences...that have a way of making life so refreshing and complete... that we are alike, in more ways than one. We are more alike than many media portals would like to portray. We are more alike than we have been lead to believe. And I am filled with gratitude to have experienced the oneness we all share. I feel lucky to have been taught this at a young age from my parents. It set the stage. However, it is one thing to have a mental concept of it, and it is another to actually go out and live it, breathe it, taste it.

I've always been a person that desired the direct experience.

There are differences too. Beautiful, thought provoking differences, that when willing, have unlocked a part of myself. Every culuture, has taught me something. Every place has opened my mind where I didn't even realize were closed and or intolerant.

It simply feels good to garner greater acceptance, and deeper understanding. Why walk through life blind?

So, in the end, no matter which way the election turns out, I myself will continue to do the work as best I can.

I remember the Doaist telling me that it can be easy to fall into the trap of making my yoga practice all about vanity. Good point. I'm stepping into a new area within were there has to be more...and there is.

When it becomes more about life than the form. When it becomes more about abudance than lack. When it becomes more about the dance than the dancer. When it becomes more about connection than being right.

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- A - C - said...

So true!

Tiff said...

You're so right - what good is all this yoga if we can't apply it to our life?


Catvibe said...

Beautifully said.

Peaceloveyoga said...

love you guys!!

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