Let's Get Real


So I heard something interesting the other day, in regards to staying grounded...keeping steadfast with Presence, and all that lies before us in any given situation. It went something like this...be like the earth, by continually giving back better than what is received...when I heard this it really struck me. Wow. What an important question. How am I of service?

Better to focus on how I can give vs. what I can get.

And then, I thought about how we treat the earth itself. As human beings we continually take, take, take...we destroy...we disrespect...pollute...and the Earth selflessly...ceaselessly...in all of its abundance gives and gives. I love how Ekhart Tolle expresses the importance of looking to nature to understand and experience the essence of who we are, and to look there to find a deeper sense of peace. But also...as a human being what a lesson to learn by living this way in the world, as well. When I see examples, it clearly IS a state of Power. Because, in the end, the Earth will prevail...but what about us?

Where did we go wrong to think that Force was the natural order of things and a state of power?

In America we use over 50% of the world's natural resources and yet we only make up less than 5% of the world's population. When will we start to take responsibility in the world vs. using our force?

I feel very privileged and thankful to come from where I come from...but c'mon, when are we gonna start getting real with ourselves and how we maneuver on the world stage? Why do we feel so entitled? Will we move forward from a place of ego or humanity?

With the election so close I feel as if we are teetering on a very fine balance...and its a bit scary. We our coming to a very important fork in the road.

With all that being said...I feel optimistic...because it comes to a point where I need to do something myself to contribute...I can't always look to the world's leaders to get it, or to do something.

But what? Well...

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Tiffany said...

Once you know how you're going to start giving...let me know, I'm in there with you girlfriend. Perhaps it is just us recognizing that we want to give in some way though that will open up doors for us to do so. xoxo

(0v0) said...

This is great. You're really something, even from this distance.

peaceloveyoga said...

Wow. I will take you up on that Tiff. And, as always, its great to hear from you OvO !!


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