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And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

~ Romans 12:2, The Bible, KJV

I came across this quote from an acquaintance of mine. I read it, not knowing where it came from, and really connected to the words. When mentioned it was from the Bible, I was pleasantly surprised. Not sure why exactly. I've never been called to read, or study the Bible...for I wasn't raised in a Christian household. But, the interesting part is, from a young age, I was always fascinated with Jesus. I mean, its a mystery ...for I can't really explain the reason for my fascination. All I can say, it was the resounding, selfless action of unconditional, all-encompassing, all-pervading, never-ending...force and source of Love...He exemplified, lived, breathed, walked, and permeated unto those around him, struck a chord deep inside...I'd ask myself...why can't we all love like that? And, why is it so very challenging at times? What gets in the way?

And...I intend no offense...but I truly feel much of Jesus's original teachings have been modified into something so far off that it's just sad. There is no need for me to label myself as anything to appreciate everything he walked and stood on this Earth for.

I don't have all the answers. But, these are questions I've continuously asked myself. Better to ask the questions, than to think I know the answers, because often the universe...call it God...or some Higher Energy...reveals in due time.

The ever running theme lately has been the simplicity of the message. However, what a challenge it is to put into practice!!! That's the paradox. Simple, yet tough. Easy, yet difficult. But then again, it's our egos that make everything so hard, and downtrodden. When in reality, if we rise up and trust, instead of falling unto fear...if we make that leap...weeeeee...the net always appears...magically...somehow...why is that?

We, many times, have the tendency to look at the bottom before we even jump...we conjure up, in our minds, everything that will go wrong first, before we even start. I truly feel God, the Universe...whatever you want to call it...wants us to participate.

Enjoy the ride...feel the wind in your hair...let your heart skip a beat...let your spine tingle...dance, dance, dance!

I came across a quote from Caroline Myss recently that hit home, during an interview. She said...

God doesn't descend to fear
You rise up to fearlessness
God will meet you there...

I was speechless when I heard this. YES! This makes absolute sense.

I guess we don't have to look to fear as the enemy. Everything in life has purpose...and teaches. It will always be present...some days more than others. We just need to learn how to dance with it...while taking the lead, not allowing it to take over.

Now...this is where life really begins to vibrate.

I've got goose bumps!

"Truth is Truth no matter what tradition"
~ Caroline Myss

2 Insightful Comments:

Tracy said...

i've got goose bumps too!
GREAT post! yes!

(0v0) said...

Yes... really nice.

Jesus is great, too.


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