Would I Give It Up ?


Would you give it up?

I had a student ask me this on my last day teaching in Chiayi. She kindly invited me to breakfast, and went on to tell me that she has often times thought she might give up her practice. Yes. This is coming from the one student who seems to practice, everyday, with all her heart and soul...an inspiration to watch. She is an example of someone who IS equanimity...with the perfect balance of ease and effort with everything she does...and she does it with a pleasant smile on her face...no striving...or accomplishing...she simply enters into each posture like she is coming home.

I'm a bit surprised by this...but then I'm not. It is always the one who would give it all up tomorrow if need be and be alright with herself and the world. For there is no need to identify with it...she lives it.

Do you need to ask why I'm humbled to teach here? Didn't think so.

Well, we had a lovely conversation. Even with the limited English spoken. There was a connection made. Student became Teacher...Teacher became Student...and back and forth.

It is inspiring to speak our Truths...its an uplifting conversation where in the mist of everything that goes on in life a common bond is made. Even in her humbleness, and the questions she asks, I release any airs of knowing. I was honest about my follies...and attachments to the practice and the new place I've had to come.

It is funny how I kind of stumbled upon teaching yoga. People asked me if I would. I was ready to give it up, until I was asked to come here. It is one of those things where things are just meant to be...so I do. When surrendering to it, the blessings flow...the world opens, as my heart does. An amazing turn of events.

So I left this wise student, who would give it all up...with a hug and a smile. Knowing, in my heart, she is living it.

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