Breath = Life


"Be clear like a mirror reflecting nothing. Be clean of pictures and the worry that comes with images. Gaze into what is not ashamed or afraid of any truth. Contain all human faces in your own without any judgment of them. Be pure emptiness. What is inside that? you ask. Silence is all I can say. Lovers have some secrets that they keep."


Last weekend I had the pleasure of facilitating an Intro to Ashtanga Yoga workshop. Love beginners. Has a way of bringing me back to when I first started.  Everything was fresh and new. Learning how to breathe consciously was like a revelation. I remember thinking, wow, I've gone through years and years of taking the breath for granted. Except for the time I had the wind knocked out of me. I was a bit of a dare devil when young. I used to launch myself off the swings when they reached their peak, as I went flying through the air. I usually landed on my feet. Until one day, I slipped and landed straight on my upper back. Boom! All the air flew out of my lungs. Yeah. I quickly learned, Breath = Life.  

Then amnesia sets in, lol. 

The good thing is yoga reconnects us. We forget. We come back. We become complacent. The opportunity to reinvigorate, and inspire is always available. It's a natural part of the process. The pulsation of release and resistance. 

Since the roles of teacher and student are ultimately one and the same, I've learned to completely trust. Everything is revealed in time. Not much needs to added to the basic principles of the practice. I've learned how creating a space with presence goes beyond anything I can do or say. 

In a culture when many new genres of yoga are being created just about everyday I feel myself appreciating the simplicity and depth of diving into the core essence what it means to practice yoga. 

I'll never use this blog to debate what form of yoga is best for someone. It's a personal quest. Often if finds you before you find it. Interesting how it happens. I just knew. 

What I've learned is whatever one's practice, entering into the space of breath and mindfulness has a way of tapping into the truth, however that may be revealed to a student. It expresses it's self in a myriad of ways. I enjoy it. I enjoy the beginners mind, and then I learn the importance of looking and experiencing with fresh new eyes. Open awareness. 

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