Spring Cleansing


"The best piety is to enjoy. You are doing the most then to save the earth's character as an agreeable planet. And enjoyment radiates. It is of no use to try and take care of all the world. That is being taken care of when you feel delight."

(George Eliot, Middlemarch)

The best time to do a cleanse is usually during the change of season. Since we've just entered into Spring my boyfriend and I will be doing another liver and gallbladder cleanse. Since this will be my third time it won't seem like such an undertaking. After all the reading and preparation it becomes a simple process.

With my constitution, fasting cleanses, where food is restricted, don't work well for me.  I tend to lean toward this cleanse and/or panchakarma cleanses. Juicing might be another consideration at some point, however since moving, I'm not as well equipped, at the moment. At any rate, I find the liver and gallbladder cleanse supportive towards improved digestion, and assimilation. We gotta take care of that liver of ours! It's a hard worker.

I've already written so much about the liver and gallbladder cleanse, so I won't go into much detail this go around for the sake of boring everybody. I realize there's a bit of controversy out there in regards to the validity of the cleanse, however for those whom I've known personally who have done so have felt the difference, especially with liver issues. I've felt a shift since embarking on them, and that's what I go by. So much of our culture is about putting a band-aid on something. Runny after symptoms and effects. Never getting down to the root. The why. The how. The cause. It's important.

I've always been drawn to Ayurveda. With basic principles such as bringing body balance and learning how to maintain that balance is a key part of the science. Which resonates with me. 

I came across the chart below from one of my favorite blogs, HeyMonica B, on Ayurveda. Has a good way of showing the difference between western and eastern medicine. Both have their place.

We are coming into an era where prevention is just as important as treating symptoms. Something, in Ayurveda tradition, 5, 000 years in the making, has understood.

Simple, informative, and straight to the point, below is the best book I've found on the liver and gallbladder cleanse.

The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body

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