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Swedish design! I love, love, LOVE everything about Swedish design, even expanded to Scandinavian design. Being one who thoroughly appreciates good design, I couldn't be in a better place. Sweden is home of original inventions (for example the zipper), however I feel the Swedes have an exceptional talent for (among other things) making whatever is out there even better and more aesthetically beautiful. Though, it's a matter of one's taste. Minimalist, architecturally focused, clean, functional, modern, and spacious, are many of the ways to describe it.

I'm always tickled how even from buying things as minute as a toothbrush, I find myself enjoying the composition and beauty of simple objects, along with bigger items such as furniture and appliances. In everything, design and function are taken into account in perfect balance. Which I love. I don't think I mentioned that, lol.

Learn more about Sweden here.

Photos from lifeiscarbon.com


Right now I'm reading, Sea of Poppies, by the talented Indian writer, Amitav Ghosh. DF, and I picked out a handful of his titles while in India (since books are much cheaper there) and I've decided to start with his latest novel. Quickly I was taken in by the fluid and descriptive nature of his writing. I'm looking forward to devouring his other books as well.

Watching ...

I've just about given up on watching T.V. nowadays. There's nothing good on. Maybe it's just me. Anyway, I'm intent on watching Sweden come out of it's Winter slumber and into the aliveness of Spring. Quite honestly, I can't think of anywhere better in the world during this season. Following are a few pics a took last year.

My favorite place to walk in Stockholm.

Tulips are always make me smile! xoxoxoxox


I've been a bit lax on listening to music lately and discovering new stuff. However, I have the pleasure of hearing my boyfriend practice his vocals just about everyday. He has such a strong and powerful voice. In the not so distant future more will be able to hear how talented he truly is. It's exciting to observe one's creative process. The power of music has an affect like no other. It elevates our souls.

Eating ...

Coconut red lentil soup. Thanks to those in the blogosphere I came across a fabulous cooking blog named 101 Cookbooks. It came out absolutely, positively AMAZING. I know we're coming out of winter, and soup might not be on the minds of everyone's palate, but if you're up for it, I'd give it a go before entering into the lighter fare of spring.

Here are a few others I'll be trying in the coming weeks.

Wild Seaweed Salad

Massaged Kale Salad

Miso Slaw


Swedish. Unfortunately, my intense Swedish studies will be delayed for the time being. More about that later, however I'm still intent on learning the language. All I can say is, it's gonna take time.


Since coming back from India I feel recharged, and filled with gratitude towards the practice. Yoga in many ways opens me up to discover, explore, listen, and reconnect as I walk through life. I've learned to slow down. Things I didn't see before, or places where I wasn't as receptive have opened new doors and lead me to exciting new adventures. I often remember as I started to deepen in these areas I felt as if my life were falling apart. Now, I've realized so much had to be let go so greater wisdom could play a more significant role in my life.

Three words continue to inspire me as I move forward.





What have you been into?

5 Insightful Comments:

Stan said...

I love the three words you have guiding you. I think I would need those as I tried to learn Swedish too! I bet you have an amazing teacher living with you.

I am into reading the newspaper and hanging out with my stepdaughter!

Tiff said...

Love this post!!! I wish I could be there to cook with you! XO

Peaceloveyoga said...

@ Stan - so lovely to hear you enjoy hanging out with your step-daughter. Too sweet.

@ Tiff - Yipeeeee! Someday we gotta get together and cook!

Peaceloveyoga said...

gotta add a bottle of wine to that too. ;-)

Ahu said...

I love the 101 Cookbooks site, thank you!


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