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I hold quite a bit of vata in my joints. Everything pops, especially lately. With that being said, the use of oils have become important in my daily routine. Internally and externally. However, I just recently started something called oil pulling. Ever heard of it?

Oil pulling therapy is derived from Ayurvedic medicine. A natural therapy, by swishing oil in the mouth for several minutes while toxins are absorbed. This is one of the reasons why its important to never swallow the contents of the oil. I always spit out the swished oil in the toilet so my sink drain doesn't clog.

It's recommended to use sesame oil, however other oils can be used. I tend to stick with organic cold-pressed oils.

I've only been experimenting with the therapy for several weeks, as part of my morning routine. So, I can't really give a good assessment as to the effects. A month or longer will give more accurate detail. However, the most startling effect is how it whitens the teeth. Seriously, I'm talking about gleaming, sparkling white. Wow. Forget about using abrasive, whitening toothpastes, with harsh chemicals, and other methods of teeth whitening, this does the job. 

After doing a bit of research I've heard various recommendations as far as how long to swish the oil in the mouth. Anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes is given. Oh yeah, and you always want to oil pull on an empty stomach. Mornings seems to work well with my schedule as I'm preparing for the day. I've taken showers, checked email, washed dishes while swishing the oil.

Other alleged benefits include improvements in joint pain and/or arthritis, migraines, skin conditions, allergies, and digestive problems. Also helps in purifying and strengthening the body.

For more information on oil pulling visit here or google.

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Boodiba said...

Are you using sesame oil? And does empty stomach include no espresso??

I'm trying everything I can think of to help fix my right knee. It's finally on its way to recovery, but still... needs more help.

11p. said...

thank you for sharing about the oil pulling, is the first time I read about it. I will try.

peaceloveyoga said...

@ Boodiba

Yep. I use sesame oil. And, yes it probably would be best to swish before downing your morning espresso. :)

Who knows this might be a good adjunct therapy. Really, it's good for overall health. Are you taking fax seed oil? That always help for inflammation.

Wishing you fast healing ...

@ 11p - it be nice to hear how it works for you. I'm pretty new to the whole thing. Been liking it though. :)

Boodiba said...

No I'm not taking flax seed oil. I had been taking glucosamine / MSM / controntin (something like that), but I need to get to the store to pick some more up. I hit the ground running in NYC!!!

Leo said...

Thanks for a good article about Oil Pulling


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