Karma: a novel


"The rape, the unpredictability of the drugs, the thirst, starvation, and isolation had to be a method to break me,. I tried to remain strong emotionally, and tired to encourage myself. I tried to adhere to the main objective of staying alive. I replaced the tape on the window, and then dealt with the darkness." (excerpt from Karma, by Nacy Deville)
This is a book that's extremely hard to talk about, but is one that has rocked me to my very core. Even though a fiction it isn't faraway from the truth when it comes to the plight of those who find themselves trapped in the world of human trafficking. Hard to believe this STILL goes on in this day and age. Affirms that we have a long way to go in this world. I finished this book several weeks ago and it still haunts me to this day. The reason? Well for one, the author doesn't hold back. Not at all. She lays it all out, and well, some of the scenes in the book were hard to take. The book centers around a woman being abducted and forced into this dark underground world. A few times I had to put it down and take a break. Nonetheless, I got through it and glad I did. Read it. I really can't say more. If anything, it will raise your awareness around human trafficking. We can no longer live in a world where it is accepted to use living beings, human or otherwise, as a commodity for our own selfish needs. 

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