Winter Blues


I survived November in Sweden! (Round of applause, please). This is no easy feat, let me tell you! What's strange is once I survived that God-forsaken month in this country, and December hit, everything started to turn a corner, and I'm not even in holiday overload. What's that about? Even my Mysore students have been more regular once December hit. 

This new found energy hopefully, (cross fingers) will continue. You never can tell, but I'm grateful! 

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Grimmly said...

I found it remarkable that you and your students get up in such conditions, clean the windscreens of your cars and drive or trudge through the snow to the shala for practice. I thought it an achievement just to stumble downstairs to the home shala on a winter morning here.

peaceloveyoga said...

Haha. Well, I'd like to say there is a foot of snow on the ground, and sub-zero temps, for dramatic flare, but that hasn't been the case. No snow as of yet, and actually unseasonably warm, but definitely STILL cold. The hardest part is really the darkness. The sun is very low on the horizon during the day and makes it's decent at around 3pm! But you're right, I find my students remarkable in every way. They get up and do this practice while balancing kids, high pressure careers, etc. Really, for me it's easy, though I have challenging days, but I teach yoga. It's part of my life in a big way. It's not like I'm an engineer tackling big projects while also maintaing this practice along with raising children. They are my GURUs. I learn so much.

Anonymous said...

The more important question is why you have been slacking on Instagram! :)-Lu

Anonymous said...

I love your optimism (now THAT'S true yoga practice!) - at least here in the UK January tends to be much colder than December, so we've got something to look forward to ;)

peaceloveyoga said...

@ Lu - Ahhh. I have been slacking. Instagram is my favorite app though!

@ andrealeber - Haha, I try my best at being optimistic. Though, in November it nearly died! Haha.

Anonymous said...

Yyepp, older I get more frustrating the darkness becomes. Cold weather is not the thing that makes me shiver, but dark days really do it. Already in February we usually have white snow around and the affect of natural light will be multiplied. This is of course if only you will be out of the house... Winter blues really is the right word in english to describe November. Btw, I´ve been using my brand new "Valkee-player" for few days. We´ll see what will happen.



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