Crazy. Sexy. Beautiful...Hong Kong


My camera in NO way did the night view of Hong Kong justice. One of the most breathtaking city views I have ever seen...beautiful. I love this place!!

Hong Kong. Where do I begin? Fascinating. I must go back, and soon. My trip was short. But, I feel lucky to have gotten a taste of this vibrating city.

I must of looked pretty strange walking around by myself in the crazy metropolis they call Hong Kong. I kept looking up. Surprised I didn't get a cramp in my neck. There seemed to be miles of and miles of towering skyscrapers everywhere...massive buildings, exquisite architecture...and the's a shopper's dream. I had to keep reminding myself that I didn't make the trip to spend money.

Kept telling't believe that I'm here...just hanging out...far away from home and loving every minute of it. I seem to feel at home nowhere...but at the same time, at home everywhere...strange. It's my wanderlust's in my soul.

Freedom, Expansion, is becoming part of the fabric life.

I stayed in the Causeway Bay area on Hong Kong island...kind of in the heart of it the heart of the craziness. Everyone seemed to be walking briskly from point A to point B...knowing exactly the path they were taking. But looked like a lost puppy...slowly rambling around the streets...looking, observing...sweating from the city heat...having no clue about anything...just feeling the energy of the place. It was nice. I'm enjoying travel on my own...and even getting lost...can be fun. Always...I find people who are willing to go out of there way to help me...a comforting feeling being far away from what is known.

I love Hong Kong.

Hong Kong buzzes with a kind of energy that is unlike any other place I have been. But that is why I love travel, and experiencing new places...every place has it's own energetic make up...something new to offer...something new to take in and enjoy.

Hong Kong has this hip, colorful, sexy, sophistication to it.

It's Undeniable.

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