In Another Life


We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.

~ Joesph Campbell

I've received several comments that I must have been Asian in another life.

Well. Naturally.

I've been Indian...and lived in ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman times, as well. No doubt. Also, I was a dancer in a pervious lifetime. Just a hunch.

Not too impressed with any yoga skill I may have. Lol. Many are impressed with my chopstick skills. I receive the comment more than anything somewhere after my curly hair...are you sure its real?...YES... the eyelashes...nooo those can't be real...YES, they are (after physically having to pull at them) teeth being so white...well, thank you, I owe it to Crest whitestrips...and the fact that I'm left handed. Left handedness is a rarity in Taiwan. Not looked highly upon. I wonder. Do people think I'm even more strange because of it? Dunno. Ok. So back to my chopstick skills. Yes. I'm pretty darn good at eating with them, and it never ceases to be at the amusement of the locals. They love it. Sometimes I feel that Westernes don't enjoy assimilating into another culture all that much when traveling. Well, I've been told that. So, when someone makes the effort, locals totally appreciate it, and enoy it too.

Now, if only I could speak the language better I'd be a hit!!

The only thing is...yes the national language is Mandarian. However, the area where I reside, many speak Taiwanese...AND, some sort of Taiwanese/Mandarian hybrid, and to make things simplier, both languages are in no way realted. Sigh. So, I continue to play a sophisticated game of cherades whenever I venture out by myself to buy something or whatever. Good fun.

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