Passion for Fashion


After some discussion, Cindy and Jenny took the liberty to educate me on modern Asian fashion. They enthusiastically displayed the various styles stemming from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The best way I can describe modern Asian fashion is funky, eclectic, chic, and feminine all wrapped into one...and...I rather like it. The allure began after my trip to Hong Kong. Following much people watching, I became intrigued by the various styles, silhouettes and representations of style. It was interesting to observe. There seems to be a bit more enthusiasm and amusement involved with dressing here. Of course they like their labels too, but I also appreciate how things seem to be thrown together just a fun, sophisticated, carefree way.

With the femininity expressed, there is an understated sexiness displayed that isn't in your face. I also like. Things aren't necessarily skin tight...the stomach doesn't have to be shown for the world to see, and cleavage isn't spilling out...and with that being said, it all comes off as more attractive while still being provocative.

At any rate, I appreciate fashion and style on many levels, and it's something that I've enjoyed since landing in Asia. Not that I've really bought much...with my yoga lifestyle, it has definitely put a limit on things.

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