Vigilant ~ closely observant, watchful, keeping awake, opened-eyed awareness.

Came across this word recently. Sometimes it carries a negative connotation. However, I like the word in regards to being closely observant of myself, and my actions.

I've continued to see my teacher/body-worker/ healer/Daoist master, on a regular basis. He has told me to stay away from ice cold beverages and foods. No ice-cream, slurpees, smoothies, cold-lattes, or leftovers...nothing. Keeping in line with having an open mind, I'm willing to experiment. And, the funny thing is, just days after he told me this my refrigerator broke down. Hmmmmm. Strange stuff like this has been happening to me lately.

Before having an appointment with him I went out to lunch with several yoga students beforehand. Alas, for dessert a small scoop of ice cream was set in front of me. So...I relented and enjoyed the scoop of ice cream. What could it hurt? When he saw me he said..."you've been eating cold stuff". How did he know exactly? Busted!!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) partaking in ice-cold anything is not recommended. Which is interesting. From what I gathered it's connected with energy stagnation in the body. Now, I'm not here to warn anyone away from consuming ice-cold food products. I just enjoy learning various healing traditions and it's something I have never been aware of. Don't mind the simple sacrifice to experiment and observe how it feels the body.

If anything, I enjoy learning...experimenting. I've taken to learning more about Chinese Herbs as well. Fascinating.

I mean there IS something to the longevity and health exhibited here. C'mon...when an 88 year-old is practically skipping past me on a take notice. One of the most unbelievable things I've witnessed since landing here in Taiwan.

There is more to the story however. I've had to become vigilant with maintaining balance. Somehow, I had gotten so used to a state of imbalance that it was feeling normal...but at the same time...not feeling quite right. My practice has to change. Everything. I've known this for a while. Call it it whatever. I'm still in the process of learning and honoring what is before me.

How wonderful is it to receive just what I need at the right time. All I have to do is be open, be vigilant.

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