Yin and Yang


We humans have two great problems: the first is knowing when to begin; the second is knowing when to stop.

~ the novel, The Zahir, by Paulo Coehlo

Yin energy depletion. Yes. We all posses yin and yang energy...and, one will always slightly dominate the other. However, when one is on the verge of total depletion while the other is exploding...then problems begin to arise. I've had to address just that. No biggie. No cause for alarm.

How great is it that I have the tools to find equilibrium.

When I came across the above quote. Yes!! This is something I need to take to heart. Maybe the second part...knowing when to stop...knowing when to stop and just be...is where I need to focus.

The Daoist master expressed of the importance of maintaining a state of calm...Always.

On the outside I may exhibit this. However, on the inside I have the tendency to feel anxious while harboring lots of worry. For whatever reason. By Grace, I've had glimpses of complete peace...and to be able to carry this through in day to day life is of utmost importance. It carries much more weight than completing 3rd series. I mean...really, the mastery of asana is becoming pretty boring...even though I enjoy the process of asana practice...I love movement...I love getting out of my head and into the body. But, the miracles that come with feeling peace...nothing can hold a candle to it.

Now, I'm not diminishing in anyway my daily asana practice. It has significantly changed the course of my life. I like to call it my gateway...my gateway into entering other levels of consciousness and awareness.

Recently, however I've had to take notice of the increased 'yang-ness' of my practice and what it was doing to my body. Thankfully, I was given some tips from the Doaist master. He in no way told me to abandon my practice...but has given me ways to approach and move forward differently. I like it. I like it very much.

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