Ashes and Snow


"What matters is not what is written on the page, what matters is what is written in the heart. So burn the letters and lay their ashes on the snow at the river's edge. When spring comes and the snow melts and the river rises, return to the banks of the river and reread my letters with eyes closed. Let the words and the images wash over your body like waves. Reread the letters with your hand cupped over your ear, listen to the songs of eden page after page after page. Fly the birthpath. Fly. Fly. Fly."

~ excerpt from A Novel in Letters, from Letter 365, by Gregory Colbert

One of the many special treats I have experienced in Mexico was the Ashes and Snow exhibit by Gregory Colbert in Mexico City. What an amazing exhibit. He beautifully captures how when human beings are at peace, and in a state of tranquility...animals...some believed by us to be dangerous become peaceful themselves in the presence of such individuals. The images are some of the most inspiring I have ever viewed through his photography and film. Definitely worth checking out.

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Tracy said...

I have his music CD and just really love it the music. I have seen his work, its beyond words. Really exquiste~
Love having you back!
Tracy xxoo


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